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Head of Akhmeta Resource Center Forces Teachers to Do Pre-election Agitation

Head of Akhmeta Resource Center, Bela Marukashvili, forces public teachers to agitate in favor of Akhmeta’s majoritarian candidate Petre Tsiskarishvili, from National Movement; if they do not obey, she threatens to fire them.

“School directors were called and ordered to force all teachers in our villages to work for Petre Tsiskarishvili. We should go to districts and ask people what problems they have, who they support, and what they want from Petre Tsiskarishvili and the government. All teachers should give written reports to their school directors until August 15 and the directors will give reports to Bela Marukashvili. Of course, we will have to do this work without payment. We were told that those who refuse will not have their contracts continued from September.” Duisi and Kvemi Alvani public school teachers told Information Centre of Khaketi.

Head of Akhmeta education resource centre Bela Marukashvili made no comments on the allegation.

Bela Marukashvili is member of Akhmeta municipal board from the National Movement. Her father, Omar Marukashvili, is head of Akhmeta Information Centre. The latter has office in the building of municipal board and is funded by local budget. Bela Marukashvili’s brother, Vazha Marukashvili, is manager of Khaketi regional office of Energy Distribution Service Centre.

Bela Marukashvili personally intimidated a respondent of the ICK and Georgian Dream’s supporter Gulchina Tsikoria. She demanded the owner of the house where the lonely and socially vulnerable woman sheltered to expel her from the house.

Information Center of Kakheti

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