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The Public Defender’s statement about the incident that took place in Juvenile Establishment No. 11 of the Department of Prisons

In the night hours of August 8, 2012, the Public Defender learned about the incident that had taken place in Juvenile Establishment No. 11 of the Department of Prisons. Employees of the Public Defender’s Department of Prevention and Monitoring immediately made a visit to the juvenile establishment. As a result of the visit, it was found out that 60 convicts of the 122 convicts assigned to the establishment by that time had been transferred to the Rustavi Establishment No. 16, and 47 convicts had been transferred to the Rustavi Establishment No. 17. Fifteen convicts remained in Establishment No. 11. 
The representatives of the Public Defender interviewed the juveniles who remained there, talked with the administration of the establishment, and inspected the cell block of the establishment. As a result of the inspection, it was found out that the cell block is currently functionally unusable and in need of immediate repairs. 
On the same night, the employees of the Department of Prevention and Monitoring visited Establishments No. 16 and 17 of Rustavi and talked to all the juvenile convicts, except for several convicts who were asleep during the visit. According to the juveniles, the incident of August 8 was connected with certain restrictions that had been introduced recently by the establishment’s administration. In addition, some of them expressed their discontent with ill-treatment towards them, which, according to them, had also become more frequent recently. At the same time, the juveniles stated that they had been convoyed under quiet circumstances, and no incident had taken place either during the transfer or at the time when they were admitted to another establishment. 
According to the convicts, their life and health was not subjected to any danger either at the time of the incident in Establishment No. 11 or later. 
According to the administration of Establishment No. 11, none of the employees of the establishment was injured and their life and health did not come under danger.

In the new establishments, the juveniles were immediately given mattresses, cushions, bed linens, items of primary consumption, and hygienic items.  They were visited by the doctors of the receiving establishments upon being admitted. The juvenile convicts that were transferred to Establishments No. 16 and 17 of Rustavi are placed separately from adult convicts.    
The Public Defender hopes that the Ministry of Corrections will do its best to restore the normal working regime of Establishment No. 11 as soon as possible.

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