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Nika Rurua Clarifies His Comment about Ricardo Migliori’s Statement

Nika Rurua, minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, made an additional explanation about his comments on Ricardo Migliori’s statement. Ricardo Migliori is the president of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA).

“As I found out after reading Mr. Ricardo Migliori’s complete statement, he did not evaluate Georgia as a Leninistic country.  I was given incorrect information about it before I commented on it. I had not read his statement then. But after reading his statement, I declare that, among other issues, the author discussed the peculiarities of Georgian political culture as this is characteristic for young democracies. He evaluates the situation and naturally I do not oppose it. I heard his comment to journalists who were quoting my statement and realized my response was interpreted in a wrong way. It seemed as if I requested the dismissal of OSCE PA President which absolutely does not reflect the truth. This happened because of commentary on the quoted statement and it caused the false interpretation”, - Nika Rurua stated.

Consequently, the minister of Culture calls the press to take this fact into consideration and not to falsify the truth.

On August 23, Nika Rurua, while talking to journalists, mentioned that the OSCE PA President’s expression, where the last one compared the ongoing election process in Georgia with Leninism, was foolishness.


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