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'Kavkazcenter' spread its own version about entrance of armed paramilitaries in Georgia

Kavkazcenter spreads its own version about entrance of armed paramilitaries via Georgian-Russian border from Dagestan to Lopota Valley.

According to website, they learned all details about ongoing developments on Dagestan-Georgian border.

“Military leaders of Dagestan Vilayet collected a group of recruiters in the mountainous part close to Dagestan-Georgian Border in secret from Russia and they were instructed to support operative group of Dagestan. Recruiters were moving towards the dislocation place in order to take part in combat operations against Russian occupants in the territory of Vilayet. At the last phase of the operation information about their itineraries leaked. Georgian government sent special units and helicopters against recruiters. Georgian side started negotiations with mujahids and offered them to lay guns down. Government evaluated entrance of the armed units as provocation and concluded that Russia could use it as a pre-condition to again attack Georgia,” the article reads.

According to Kavkazcenter, the negotiation lasted more than a day and night and recruiter mujahids refused to lay down guns.

“They called upon the Georgian government to free their way and allow to leave territories of Georgia where they had turned up by mistake. Afterwards, negotiations went into a deadlock and the battle began. Our sources deny that Mujahid’s have taken Georgian citizens as hostages. Our sources deny information about capturing Georgian civilians by mujaheds. The information about their route assumedly leaked because paramilitaries released those five Georgian people whom they had accidently encountered,” Kavkazcenter said.

Analytical website regret about the bloodshed that will do good neither to Georgia, awaiting a new aggression from Russia, nor Muslim Kavkasia which is fighting against Russian occupants.


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