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Trial on Georgian Dream Activists Postponed for the Third Time

“Nothing special is going to happen on September 6.They will bring same witness, mention stupid arguments and postpone the trial for the foolish reasons again. Meanwhile the election will approach and if we win, they will say that these people were innocent and they will let them off. God save us but if we are defeated they will probably imprison these people (nobody knows how long),” representatives of the Georgian Dream’s Kutaisi organization left the Kutaisi City Court with these comments on August 21.

Their assumptions came true:  the trial on Georgian Dream activists from Kutaisi, who were charged for voters’ bribery, was postponed for the third time on September 6.

“Of course, witnesses did not come again. That is why it was impossible to start trial. We all know that so-called witness is the Prosecutor’s Office which will make people to say whatever they order. The law enforcement officers arrested Nino Kurua, Koba Jabua, Mikheil Meskhi, Mikheil Amashukeli and Gaga Ambroladze and charged them exactly one hour later on June 5. But they could not (did not, to say the truth) estimate the truth for three months and it will not be cleared up before elections,” representatives of the Georgian Dream’s Kutaisi organization stated.

The police arrested activists from Kutaisi when they were giving out information booklets. They charged them of bribery of voters according to the preliminary investigation (Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 161). They released Nino Kurua and Koba Jabua under bail of 3 000 lari in several days. They sentenced Mikheil Meskhi, Mikheil Amashukeli and Gaga Ambroladze to two months preliminary imprisonment. They are still in prison though the two-month term has expired. Next trial is scheduled on September 26 - four days earlier than elections at the Kutaisi City Court.

Shorena Kakabadze, Kutaisi

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