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Blatant Violations in the Polling Station # 28 in Marneuli DEC # 22


Observer of the Human Rights Center observed several violations in Polling Station # 28 in Marneuli Election District # 22.

1123 voters are registered in this polling station; but only 900 ballot papers were delivered to the polling station. To verify the information, HRC’s observer asked chairwoman of the PEC Nana Gvazava to hand him a copy of receipt-acceptance protocol but she refused. The chairwoman said it was only her “property.”

In addition to that, observer from the Election System Research Center Mamed Irzakuliev controls the ballot box (gives envelopes) instead commission member. A paper was not placed on the ballot box but this violation was eradicated based on the request of the HRC’s representative.

The marking apparatus does not work at the polling station. The controller is in charge of this apparatus. HRC observer also took marking procedure but some time later the apparatus did not detect the liquid on his finger.

Commission chairwoman Nana Gvazava did not allow the HRC observer to take photos of the observed violations by cell phone. “You have already taken enough photos, it is enough,” she said.

Blatant violation of voters’ rights is observed in this polling station. Namely, every voter requests assistance in the cabin and other voter accompanies them into the cabin and indicates him/her to mark election number 5 on the ballot paper.

Not only voters but commission member Natela Chankseliani was also intimidated; she is a registrator at the polling station. Together with observers, Chankseliani opposed commission members because they directly suggest voters to mark number 5 on the paper. Consequently, she was rebuked by the commission chairwoman and other commission members. When the registrator repeatedly protested violations, CEC representatives from the DEC arrived at the precinct and warned her: “Unless you stop complaining, I will dismiss you from here!”

There is chaos in the polling station now and the ballot process is going through many violations. Human Rights Center has filed relevant complaints on observed violations to the PEC # 28 of the Marneuli DEC 22.

Irakli Lataria, observer of the Human Rights Center 

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