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Prisoner claims that he was living in special conditions in exchange for silence


Elene Chumburdize

Goderdzi Kiknadze enjoyed more special privileges than other inmates in number 6 prison in Rustavi. For years he was able to use such items as: a notebook, mobile, TV, iron and armchair.

The prisoner himself related this information to Eka Kobesashvili, who is a Human Rights Center lawyer and currently protects Goderdzi Kikandze’s interests.  The prisoner gave his account details on the famous social network Odnoklasniki where you can see photos showing his special life in prison. This confirms the fact that Goderdzi Kiknadze had access to internet in prison, where he created his own page and uploaded photos. According to him, the photos were taken by David Margebadze, former head of the prison.

After the recent release of prison torture videos, Goderdze Kiknadze became a victim of physical abuse. On September 20, Goderdzi's mother Meri Kiknadze contacted Human Rights Center and said that at night her son had been tortured. Human Rights Center released information in the media about the fact that Goderdzi Kiknadze had been beaten and demanded that the government protect prisoners' rights and life. As a result of this, several media sources went to the prison and reported on the facts of what happened there.

On September 20 Eka Kobesashvili obtained a written document where the prisoner himself wrote that he had been beaten and wanted adequate legal support and medical treatment. He also asked that the facts about his beating be made public.

Eka Kobesashvili said: “This incident once again demonstrates that prisoners in penal institutions do not all have equal status. This prisoner was using items that are not allowed for other prisoners. We are talking about a computer, mobile phone and other items that could be seen in photos. We should uncover the reason why he had so many privileges when other prisoners were in inhuman conditions. According to him, he enjoyed these privileges in exchange for silence because he had information that no one wanted to be made public.

Goderdzi Kiknadze was sentenced to life imprisonment. He claims he holds evidence proving that he is innocent and had pleaded guilty based on the request of senior officials of the penitentiary department. In exchange of his silence he was living in special conditions.

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