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State Safety Service Shall Serve Passengers Using Governmental Passage of the Tbilisi Airport

State Safety Service was entitled to serve passengers using the governmental passage of the Tbilisi Airport.

According to the president’s decision, relevant amendment was introduced to Mikheil Saakashvili’s decree issued in 2005.

Until now, special service of State Safety was entitled to ensure order and safety only in the first and second salons and passages of the governmental hall at the Tbilisi Airport. However, in accordance to the new decree of the president, the service shall ensure functioning of relevant service for passengers using the governmental hall.

President, chairman of the parliament, prime-minister, catholicos-patriarch, chairman of the Supreme Court, chairman of the Constitutional Court, their family members and senior officials and delegations invited by aforementioned people shall use the governmental hall.

As for second salon and passage, the following people can use it: government members, secretary of the National Security Council, chief prosecutor, MPs, head of general HQ of the armed forces, head of the president’s administration, chairmen of the supreme councils and governments of autonomous republics, president of the national bank, chairman of the Chamber of Control, head of state safety service, head of foreign intelligence service, Tbilisi mayor, president’s attorneys in the administrative entities, Georgian ambassadors, heads of diplomatic missions, leaders of foreign diplomatic and international missions accredited in Georgia, family members of aforementioned people if they accompany them when travelling, senior governmental officials and delegations invited by the aforementioned people.


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