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Georgian Side Submitted Verdict Execution Plan on Girgvliani’s Case to Strasbourg Court

Georgian side submitted plan of the verdict execution on Girgvliani’s case to the Execution Department of the Committee of Ministers at the Strasbourg Court.

Minister of Justice Thea Tsulukiani made statement about it at the Maestro’s press-club.

“As it was known, Committee of Ministers has been prolonging term for the execution of the verdict on Sandro Girgvliani’s case for more than one and half year because previous authority refused to execute the verdict except the part about money reimbursement. However, money payment did not resolve problem. We are instructed to repeatedly investigate this case and to adequately punish perpetrators under criminal law based on new evidence. Next term for Georgian state expired on November 25. On that day, I provided the Department with the verdict execution plan on Grigvliani’s case,” Tsulukiani said.

According to her clarification, first wave of investigative activities is prescribed in the execution plan.

“It lists set of legislative changes, which we will launch in December because if a person was killed, victim shall have honorable role in the process. We will need to reform the Criminal Code because previous government turned the victim into a witness. It directly contradicts the European Convention and we will change it. We will also restore the provision in the Law on Imprisonment, which was annulled by previous government with regard to Girgvliani’s case; besides that, we will prohibit to place several accused people of one incident in one cell,” the minister of justice said.

Thea Tsulukiani said Georgia promised the Execution Department of the Committee of Ministers at the Strasbourg Court to provide them with first report about ongoing re-investigation on Girgvliani’s murder before January 31, 2013.

“Due to privacy of the investigation procedures, I cannot disclose every step which prosecutor’s office plans to take with regard to this case. However, every step will be made transparent for the society in due time,” the minister added.


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