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Will Lanchkhuti Football School Continue Working?


Football school has been functioning in Lanchkhuti district for two years with Durmishkhan Chkheidze as a director. The school is funded by local budget. However, school funding was reduced for 2013.

“I wonder who has worked on the budget. They are not aware of the situation and write every figure without thinking of it. 90 000 lari was spent only on salaries in 2012 and now they tell me 110 000 lari shall be enough for us. Does not school need anything besides salaries,” Durmishkhan Chkheidze told humanrights.ge

More than 300 children go to the school at present; they learn how to play football. Durmishkhan Chkheidze said he had submitted draft-budget of the football school to the municipal board and had requested 160 000 lari; however, they could have agreed 140 000 lari too. As for 110 000 lari, that is envisaged by the 2013 district budget, it is not enough at all.

“Unless they allocate at least 140 000 lari on us, the school might be closed. I cannot sit in the tent because of my health; but if I could, I would have started protest rally,” said Chkhaidze.

31 people work at the school now. 16 of them are coaches. There are 14 active groups in the school and 310 children are trained in them; there are two groups of girls too. Pupils of the football school participate in different competitions and they received many prizes.

Girls started training in rugby too and have some success; several days ago they won female competition in rugby in Kutaisi. They even met chairman of the municipal board and he congratulated them with the victory.

“Unless they increase our funding, we will have to refuse to attend competitions and continue only local trainings. Current funding will not be enough to fund other activities,” said Durmishkhan Chkhaidze.

Nino Mshvidobadze, Guria 
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