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Representative of Public Defender visited Gaga Mkurnalidze

On February 7, 2013 a representative of Public Defender of Georgia visited Penitentiary Institution #9, where he met with the accused Gaga Mkurnalidze.

G.Mkurnalidze stated that his health condition is satisfactory and he does not have any psychiatric problems. According to the accused, there was no incident during detention, violations of his rights have not occurred during and after detention. G.Mkurnalidze affirms that he did not attempt to commit suicide during detention and he does not have any suicidal inclinations. He does not have any claim on institution’s administration.

No injuries were marked on Gaga Mkurnalidze’s body by visual inspection. Representative of Public Defender of Georgia also examined G.Mkurnalidze’s cell, where no video camera has been installed.

Representative of Public Defender also visited the accused David Khuchua. As stated by D.Khuchua, he has been placed in the cell with Gaga Mkurnalidze from October 2012. According to D.Khuchua, he did not notice psychiatric problems with Gaga Mkurnalidze and he affirmed that G.Mkurnalidze did not attempt to commit suicide.

Representative of Public Defender met with the Senior Doctor of the Penitentiary Institution #9, Erekle Murjikneli. According to the Senior Doctor, Gaga Mkurnalidze has never attempted to commit suicide and he is absolutely adequate and social.

Representative of Public Defender also met with the Head of Closed Part of the Penitentiary Institution #9, Vakhtang Dolidze. According to V.Dolidze, Gaga Mkurnalidze has not attempted to commit suicide and no unpleasant incident has taken place during the detention period. There is no video camera installed in his cell as there is no such need.

After the visit, the representative of Public Defender drew the record; however Gaga Mkurnalidze and David Khuchua refused to sign the document, they did not state the reason.

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