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Revenue Service Clarified Reasons of Minaret Dismantling



Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance spread statement about the incidents in Tchela village of Adigeni district. According to the Service, on August 26, Minaret was dismantled for further inspection and after the inspection is over the Revenue Service will install the Minaret in the same place.

“On August 26, 2013 Revenue Service delivers clarification about dismantlement of the Mosque Minaret in Tchela village in Adigeni district: on July 14, individual entrepreneur Jambul Abuladze imported steel materials to construct Minaret from Turkey.

In accordance to the Georgian Law, having processed the information of the Custom Department of the Revenue Service, Unit for the Exchange and Risk management selected concrete custom declaration on the good as a result of online base analysis. After the analysis of the documents, we had well grounded doubt that incorrect classification of the goods in the custom declaration and follow-up documents might result into the reduction of import taxes. It is impossible to estimate the reduction of the amount without physical examination and expertise conclusion of the item.

Consequently, based on the Article 113 Part I – “a” and Part III, Article 115 of the Instruction on the Movement and Registration of Goods on Georgian Custom Territories approved by July 26, 2012 Decree # 290 of the Minister of Finance, it was instructed to examine Jambul Abuladze’s good registered by the good custom declaration N11112/C-12971.

On August 21, a group of inspectors arrived in the legal address of the individual entrepreneur Jambul Abuladze to execute their lawful obligations. The group handed decree N39828 to Jambul Abuladze’s spouse. The decree was also sent to the address by Georgian post and to the electronic mail of the person.

Since it is assumed that weight of the minaret construction and good code might not coincide with the declared data, based on the August 26 decision of the Revenue Service, it was dismantled. It is also noteworthy that Revenue Service will dismantle and then restore the Minaret.

Revenue Service at the Ministry of Finance addresses to local population, interested parties not to politicize this fact and allow relevant services to conduct rapid and valuable expertise of the good,” the statement reads.

According to the newspaper Samkhretis Karibche, Adigeni municipal board had decided to dismantle Tchela minaret on August 20. Today, the minaret was dismantled in the village. The road to the village was blocked during several hours. After the minaret was constructed alongside the local mosque, people started collection of signatures with the request to demolish minaret. According to the local newspaper, locals think somebody tries to artificially complicate situation in the village because Muslims and Orthodox people have always lived peacefully together. 

MIA confirmed arrest of several people in Tchela village. Head of Georgian Muslim Department Tariel Nakaidze said that 11 people were arrested and 6 were beaten when minaret was dismantled in the village. 

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