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“Initially They Fired My Son from Army and Now Bank Is Selling Our Flat, Help Us!”


Lado Bichashvili, Shida Kartli

Mother of the former soldier applied Human Rights Center for help. Her son Giorgi Khachirashvili participated in 2008 Georgia-Russian armed conflict. After the war, during so called “Mukhrovani Mutiny” Giorgi Khachirashvili was moved to the Senaki second infantry brigade from tank battalion. He took medical test to join peace mission in Afghanistan and Gori military hospital commission concluded he had virus C Hepatitis; the medical notification issued by the Hospital Commission states that he got sick with the C-Hepatitis during military service. Despite that, Defense Ministry neither paid compensation nor covered his treatment expenses. Even worse, they cease second contract with Khachirashvili and dismiss him from armed forces.

Elene Khachirashvili: “My son was company sergeant of Gori Tank Battalion and fought in Tskhinvali; he withdrew his company out of the war without any loss. After the war his tank battalion moved to Mukhrovani; then some mutiny happened there and my son was also questioned but they could not estimate his participation in it. In fact there was nothing to prove; it was ordinary performance. Then he was taken to Senaki second infantry and was preparing for his mission in Afghanistan; the medical commission concluded he had C Hepatitis; the state neither paid any compensation nor funded his medical treatment; they ceased the contract without taking any responsibilities for his illness and dismissed him from the armed forces. When he was working, we took a loan and mortgaged our flat at the bank. After his dismissal, we remained without income and Bank of Georgia put our flat on auction; we will stay homeless. Please help us.”

Elene Khachirashvili urges Public Defender of Georgia and Military Ombudsman for help. She said the state was obliged to give at least some compensation to the military servant, who got sick during his service in the army. She petitioned to the new defense minister Irakli Alasania but there is no reply yet. Elene Khachirashvili also urges Prime-Minister for help.
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