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Minister of Finance of Abkhazia Vasil Khorava Accused of Fraud


Former Minister of Finance of Abkhazia Vasil Khorava, who currently lives in the USA, is accused of fraud. 

Newspaper “Kvela Siakhle” [all news] wrote about it and clarified that Georgian person Revaz Garishvili, also residing in the USA, had provided them with the information.

“In June of 2013 my wife decided to travel to Georgia together with our son and her brother and sister. As a rule, I have my own agent, who works for the officially registered company and offers us air-tickets. But this time my family members told me that a Georgian person, living in New York, sells tickets for 1 000 USD instead 1400 and 1600 USD which we usually pay for them. Of course the discount attracted me and paid price of four tickets to Vasil Khorava. 2-3 days later he sent me an email with attached tickets and names of my family members on them. On the bottom I found the link of the air-company, opened it and found out that tickets were not officially registered on it. I called the Company Delta and found out that money was not paid for the tickets Khorava had sent to us,” Revaz Garishvili told Kvela Siakhle and added that he found 50 more people, who were victimized by Khorava.

“I tried to call Khorava but he did not answer phone calls but later he wrote to us that he worked for a Ukrainian Company, which went bankrupt and he and his colleagues became victims of it. We could not find the Ukrainian Company at all. The point is that it was huge roguish scheme. I do not know how well this problem was highlighted in Georgia, but recently Ukrainian-Russian criminal group was arrested in America, whose members used to steal credit cards and then sold them. After their detention, the scheme was disclosed and apparently all cards were blocked including Vasil Khorava’s card,” Georgian person living in America said.

Newspaper called Vasil Khorava too, who categorically denied the accusation and claims that “since he is senior official, certain people try to discredit him.”

“I indeed worked for the Ukrainian Company, whose leader is Maxim Ivanov. The company still continues working in Los Angeles. The point is that the company ceased its agreement with the Air-Company Delta and Turkish Air-Company “Turkish Airways” and we could not purchase the mentioned tickets. The company will return the paid money to the clients eventually,” Khorava claims. 
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