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Teacher from Lanchkhuti about Oppression by Police Officers During Pre-Election Period


Nino Mshvidobadze, Guria

Interim director of Shromisubani Public School Ketevan Khomeriki told humanrights.ge that police officers psychologically oppressed her. 

“They allege I worked for the United National Movement during pre-election period. They told the head of the education resource center I have to be careful otherwise my directorship might face some problems. It is false accusation and similar fact did not happen. I do not speak about politics with my pupils. Supposedly, National Movement spreads similar rumors about me,” Khomeriki said.

Lead of the National Movement’s local office Kakha Askurava said he does not know who Ketevan Khomeriki is.

“I do not know that woman and how I can comment on her statement. I do not know anything about this fact,” Askurava said.
Deputy Head of MIA’s Lanchkhuti district unit Gia Bolkvadze said it is not true that police officers were intimidating the teachers. “Police did not interfere in the election process. If any police officer oppressed that woman, she shall say the name and we will adequately react on the fact,” Bolkvadze said.

Head of Lanchkhuti district education resource center Nino Chitidze said she was informed that Ketevan Khomeriki agitated in favor of the United National Movement. “As soon as I was informed about it, I checked the information and estimated that people had spread incorrect rumors. They claimed Ketevani was compelling pupils of the 11th grade to act in support of the UNM,” head of the Resource Center said.
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Name: მაია დუნდუა
2013-10-29 10:14
ეს ქალი ტენდენციური და დემაგოგია. ამ საიტზე სულ არასწორ ინფორმაციებს აქვეყნებს. ესეც მტკნარი სიცრუეა. ამიტომ გადაამოწმეთ და მოისროლეთ ეს ქალი თორემ სახელს გიტეხთ.
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