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European Court of Human Rights to Discuss Appeal Statement of Georgian Citizen vs Russia


Salome Chkheidze

Human Rights Center held press-conference on the case Gamsakhurdiya vs Russia pending before the ECtHR. 

Gocha Gamsakhurdiya’s wife and underage child have been missing since April 2, 2012; he does not know their whereabouts. Although Gocha Gamsakhurdiya had petitioned to the investigative bodies of the Russian Federation several times, they refuse to inform him about their address.
“I travelled to Moscow, filed application but they did not pay attention to me; as far as I know, they did not even launch investigation. Afterwards, I petitioned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and Public Defender. It is noteworthy that my wife and I did not have any conflict. In the past, she had psychic problems and spent 8 months in hospital with the sclerosis diagnose; so I doubt she still suffers from this problem and for that reason I cannot find them. I think, Russian security services are involved in this case,” Gamsakhurdiya said.

In May of 2012 Foreign Ministry of Georgia sent protest note to the Russian Federation and requested to provide relevant institutions of Georgia with the information about the whereabouts of Gocha Gamsakhurdiya’s family members. However, in reply to that, Russian MIA refused to disclose the information about the whereabouts of the applicant’s family. 

Human Rights Center sent application against Russia in the name of applicant Gocha Gamsakhurdiya to the ECtHR on March 26, 2013.

Head of Legal Aid Center at the Human Rights Center Tamar Avalyani said, in their application they allege violation of several articles of the European Convention on Human Rights and additional protocols. Russian Federation breached his right to respect private and family right, equality principle between spouses, prohibition of torture and right to effective remedy guaranteed by the European Convention and additional protocols. “We request corresponding governmental institutions - Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to study this case within their competences and estimate whereabouts of Gocha Gamsakhurdiya’s family members,” Tamar Avaliani said at the press-conference.

Executive director of Human Rights Center Aleko Tskitishvili said: “This case is significant because rights of the citizen of Georgia were blatantly breached and Georgian state is not capable to protect his rights. Mr. Gamsakhurdiya doubts Russian Special Forces were involved in his family history that should be investigated; so, Georgian MIA shall investigate this case within its competence.”
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