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Gori for the Honor of Georgia –Counter-Demonstration to Be Held in Gori on May 19


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli 

“Restore political and economic union with Russia. We call on the Government of Georgia to take practical steps to join Eurasian Union,” chairman of the United Communist Party Temur Pipia addressed to the gathered people in Gori on May 9.
Astonishing statements about the demonstration held in Gori to celebrate the Victory Day have not stopped. Chairman of the Movement for Independence and Euro-Integration Andro Barnov also made statement.
“Russia already has direct access to the [Georgian] society and tries to compel us to say NO to independence, development and progress,” Andro Barnov said.

One of the participants of demonstration from the Society Stalinelebi Aleko Lursmanashvili responded to the concerns of critics about absence of state flag during demonstration; he clarified that the victory over the fascism was achieved under the soviet flags and that’s why the demonstrators mostly had soviet symbols during the rally in Gori.

It is noteworthy that Law on Freedom Charter adopted by the Parliament of Georgia prohibits use of soviet symbols. Gory mayor Zurab Jirkvelishvili clarified that in their petition to the city hall the organizers did not define that they intended to hold soviet symbols.

Protest rally “Gori Is NOT Red” was planned to oppose the May 9 demonstration in Gori.

“Gori is not a soviet city; Gori residents do not dream of the past. We believe life in free Georgia must be priority for all of us,” representative of the local organization Bridge of Friendship – Kartlosi Lali Omiadze said.

In response to the May 9 demonstration, citizens plan counter-demonstration on May 19 under the slogan “Gori for the Honor of Georgia. The participants will gather to express solidarity to the European choice of the country.

“We do remember August 8 (2008); we all remember that Russia permanently tried to oppress us,” Gori resident Salome Lapachi said.

“Gori population knows the history quite well; everybody remembers all the good Russia has done to Georgia. So our young generation will express their position,” one of the organizers Ramaz Chutkerashvili said. 

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