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Insanitariness in Sartitchala village - locals seek help


Nino Kimadze

It has been long time since Sartichala village in Gardabani district has had malfunctioning sewerage system. Sewage that comes out from residential houses leaks into the pasture territory . The locals find it difficult to relocate in their own plots. Unpleasant smell disturbs them and they think the unsanitary in the area may cause many diseases. The people of Sartitchala addressed to the local government for several times with the request to resolve this problem, but no one got interested in this issue.
The population of the Gamsakhurdia st. in Sartitchala and inhabitants of the so called “Military Unit” once again collected signatures and hope the municipal administration will get interested in their problems and undertake appropriate measures at least this time. 

Besides the malfunctioning sewerage system, the village has the problem of outdated roofs. The local resident Nana Mshvildadze said the village urgesthe local government to resolve two main problems.

“We have unbearable conditions. First of all, we are disturbed by the horrible smell coming from the malfunctioning sewerage system. Another problem is the water coming down from the ceiling. We fear to start repairs. People are confused, they can’t afford to repair the roofs with their own resources,”_says Nana Mshvildadze.
According to the local Roland Lomidze, the local government does not respond to the petitions of the villagers. “We request to immediately repair roofs and fix the sewerage system”. 

“We have been living here for 23 years and constantly had problem of the sewerage. There is such a horrible smell in the sunny days that it is unbearable. We will definitely get poisoned because of this unsanitary. We have appealed to everyone for help, even during the pre-electing period we asked for attention, but nobody helped us,” _ Eter Lomidze told humanrights.ge. 

The locals impose responsibility for the problems in their village over village governor Ivane Bidzinashvili. They request replacement of the sewer pipes and repairs of the roofs within a short time.
Humanrights.ge talked to Sartitchala village governor Ivane Bidzinashvili.  Bidzinashvili said the request of the people is lawful and added that 270 000 Gel are allocated to resolve their problems.
“Sartitchala has been facing this problem for years. I hope the malfunctioning sewerage system will be fixed soon. But the municipality alone can’t resolve this problem. The local assembly is also helping us. The reparation repair works will start in nearest future. “_ said Ivane Bidzinashvili.
According to Bidzinashvili, except fixing the sewerage system, the municipality plans to spend 1 200 000 GEL to resolve the problems of Sartitchala until the end of 2015. 

“By the end of 2015 the roads will be rehabilitated, also we will build a Culture House, residential buildings will be roofed. 113 000 Gel are allocated for the installation of street illumination; 30 000 Gel will be spent on repairs of the kindergartens,”_ said Ivane Bidzinashvili.

Humanrights.ge also talked with the deputy of Sartitchala village Mikheil Gedekhauri. According to him the issue of sewerage system will be resolved in the nearest future.

“According to the government resolution, 200 000 Gel was allocated from the local budget to repair the sewerage system in Sartitchala. The local government added 60 000 Gel, so 260 000 in total will be enough to solve this problem. During this week, three days tender will be announced on the municipal board’s meeting, after that the repairing works will start shortly, “_ said Mikheil Gedekhauri. 

Humanrights.ge will monitor the development of the events in Sartitchala.

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