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Landslide on the source of river Duruji in Kvareli

Lela Khechoshvili, Kakheti

On June 15, a group of geologist from National Environment Agency with the local government  visited Duruji valley by a helicopter. 

As a geologist, Niko Salouri told to humanrights.ge, landslide process on the source of river Duruji has already been started. There is new erosion on the rocky cliff and it has such a big slope that does not stop. It comes down on the plateau, falls into pieces and follows the water. There are fragments, clefts, the river is not blocked for now, but in the case of rain it might be dangerous. Landslide may become active, huge masses may come down and become a threat for the population. 

“It depends on weather. There is a danger that there might be landslide and it may turn into flood. The riverbed of Duruji is filled, old dams are destroyed. The city is in danger. The first thing to do is to clean the riverbed of Duruji and make bank protections. Otherwise, you cannot stop the landslide, this is a law of nature. It depends on precipitation,”- said the geologist. 

According to him, someone has to supervise the cleaning process of the Duruji riverbed. They have to clean and recycle the obtained masses. 

At this moment, by the decision of the municipality Governor Ilia Mzekalashvili, the center for prevention of the danger is created. According to him, the situation is not catastrophic. 

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