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Human Rights Center negatively evaluates the work of a new department of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office

On August 14, at 12:30, at the press club of “Prime Time”, Human Rights Center is going to hold a press conference and evaluate the work of the department, which investigates crimes committed during the proceedings of the prosecutor’s office. 

Jemal Gundishvili, a former political prisoner, who was charged for the so-called “Kintsvisi Case”, will participate in the press conference. It has been years since he, like the others who were convicted for this case, requests to be declared as a victim and the offenders to be brought to justice. 

On February 3 of this year, the department for investigation of crimes committed during the proceedings of the prosecutor’s office has been created based on the order N62 of the Minister of Justice of Georgia. According to the regulations of the department, it was entrusted to investigate the alleged facts of crime committed during the legal procedures, including torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, forced concession of the property and other facts of coercion. 

Human Rights Center still has not received the information regarding some significant subjects from the department, which questions the transparency and reasonability of the department. It is still unknown for the society based on what criteria does the department prioritize specific cases regarding the investigation of various cases and whether these criteria are provided in written form. The criteria for selecting the stuff of the department are also unknown. 

Human Rights Center thinks that the department for investigation of crimes committed during the proceedings of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia does not meet the minimum standards of transparency and accountability, which seriously questions the effectiveness of its work. 
Human Rights Center calls on the Chief Prosecutor’s Office to provide constant awareness of the society regarding the work of the department and significantly improve the standards of accountability to the society. 

Human Rights Center

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