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Population requests JSC Kakheti Energy Distribution Company to Follow Safety Norms


Lela Khechoshvili, Kakheti

“Keep children away from the balcony,” Bela Gochinashvili, resident of Kakheti region, was warned in the office of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC). On May 22, 2015 Gochinashvili addressed to the CNERC with the request to either rehabilitate high voltage electricity transition wire or remove it from the vicinities of her residential house.

“The pillars of the electricity system are so bended aside that wires almost touch the house roof; it increases risk of magnetizing. Even during a light wind the pillars are cracking and we are afraid wires will fall down; if it happens it can cause serious tragedy,” Bela Gochinashvili said.

The Gochinashvili’s applied to Mamuka Kopaleishvili for help, bankruptcy manager of the JSC Kakheti Electricity Distribution Company, but in vain.

Representatives of the GNERC clarified that letter # 809 and photos provided by Bela Gochinashvili and JSC Kakheti Electricity Distribution Company show that the high voltage electricity transmission system near Bela Gochinashvili’s house is hanging over the wooden pillars which are damaged and if they fall down it can cause casualty. 

Humanrights.ge contacted GNERC Gurjaani office manager Avtandil Zardiashvili who said he had no information about the Gochinashvilis problem. He promised to send a brigade to the village in two days and take relevant measures.

“We will immediately take adequate measures,” Beka Baramidze, head of public relation unit at the Kakheti Electricity Distribution Company, told humanrights.ge.

Kakheti region population has been requesting replacement of electricity pillars for years. Particularly alarming situation is in Vazisubani village, Gurjaani district where electricity wires are stretched across the house roofs, balconies and yards. Old pillars are bended aside in almost every district for what the wires of 3000 voltage are hanging so low that they create serious danger for people.

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