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People Changed Name of the Stalin Street In Gori


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On December 21, people arrived from the capital and other regions of Georgia to celebrate 137th birthday of Ioseb Stalin in Gori; the locals also joined the manifestation. The demonstrators did not change the route of the demonstrators this year either. The participants initially gathered in one place and then started traditional marching from the Stalin Museum to the city center, the building of the regional administration, where the statue of the Stalin was standing in the past. They put a small statue of Stalin in front of the administration building and requested to restore the old statue there.

Representatives of the Communist Party and society Stalineli called on the City Council to return the Stalin statue on its place; however it will be acceptable for them if the statue will be placed in front of the museum.

“Today, we, members of the leftist political parties, gathered here to remind the name of Stalin to people. It is necessary to restore the statue of Stalin in Gori and Georgia. They must place the statue in its old place, in the center of Gori. People shall struggle for that,” said chairman of the communist party Temur Pipia.

“He defeated the world enemy and he is our icon,” Zurab Tetunashvili, holding huge portrait of Stalin, said.

In parallel to the demonstration of the Stalinelis, civil activists from Gori “changed” the name of the Stalin Avenue in Gori. They had prepared tablets with the name of Maro Makashvili and placed them on the houses in Stalin Avenue. The activists plan to collect signatures in the city and address the city council with the request to change the Stalin Avenue into Maro Makashvili Avenue. 

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