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The State Purchased Cars for up to 13 million GEL from the Companies Owned by the Sport Minister



Throughout 2017, different state institutions purchased the cars from the companies owned by the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia Tariel Khechikashvili for 12 793 101 GEL for them. Among them was the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which purchased 262 new cars for 11 704 820 GEL.

The survey of the Network of Information Centers revealed that from January 1, 2017 to present, the companies owned by Tariel Khechikashvili – Caucasus Motors, Iberia Auto Center, Iberia Auto and Kia Motors Georgia won 10 bid competitions of the Government of Georgia and other state institutions; total price of the tender was 12 793 101 GEL. 

Ltd Iberia Auto Center won two competitions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to which the MIA wanted to purchase 262 new cars produced in 2017. Total price of the tender is 11 704 820 GEL. The Chief Prosecutor’s Office will purchase seven new sedans from the Ltd Iberia Auto Center for the total price of 425 300 GEL. 

In February, 2017 the Ministry of Labor, Healthcare and Social Welfare purchased 1 vehicle KIA SPORTAGE from the Ltd Kia Motors Georgia for 76 950 GEL. 

Six institutions purchased the new pickups (produced in 2016 or later) from the Ltd Caucasus Motors:

Ministry of Finances – 6 vehicles for 263 720 GEL
Public Registration National Agency – 2 vehicles for 98 000 GEL;
Agency of Protected Areas – 1 vehicle for 46 200 GEL;
Ltd BlackSea Arena Georgia, where the state has 100% of share – 1 vehicle for 61 206 GEL;
Ltd Tetnuldi Development, the state is 100% owner of it – 1 vehicle for 55 115 GEL;
Public law legal entity Tbilisi Zoo (founded by the Tbilisi City Hall) – 1 vehicle for 61 790 GEL.

Tariel Khechikashvili owns 100% in the Iberia Auto Center, 70% in the Iberia Auto, 33% in the Caucasus Motors and 25% in the Kia Motors Georgia. According to the recent property declaration, the Minister received 75 000 GEL as an annual salary on the position but from the business companies he received up to 8 350 000 GEL. 

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