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Monument of Cultural Heritage in Danger


Cultural heritage monument in Isani Street # 2 in Tbilisi, which is residential building, is collapsing. The inhabitants of the house and the passers-by are in danger. The cultural heritage building is in alarming conditions: water is leaking from the roof, there is threat that the balconies and walls will collapse. The building shall be immediately dismantled and restored to its original design. 

Inhabitant of the residential house in Isani Street # 2 Nana Sarashvili applied to the Human Rights Center for legal aid with regard to this problem. HRC several times petitioned to the Tbilisi City Hall; the Tbilisi Development Fund and Isani Municipality Administration are informed about the problem. The Isani municipality governor visited the site to study the situation but no actual measures were taken to resolve the problem.

In 2017, the Tbilisi City Mayor announced the launch of the second stage of the project New Tfilisi, which aims to restore-rehabilitate Orbeliani and Gudiashvili Squares. According to the information provided by the Tbilisi Development Fund, the 2017 local budget of the Tbilisi City Hall did not envisage the rehabilitation works in the Isani Street # 2.

In accordance to the survey carried out by the Tbilisi Development Fund, the cultural heritage monument in Isani Street # 2 has received 70 points in the rating of the cultural heritage monuments. It means the building must be immediately dismantled and restored to its original design. 

Human Rights Center believes it is important to defend the right to life of the inhabitants of the Isani Street # 2. At the same time, the organization believes that the monument of cultural heritage must not be destroyed and its dismantling and further rehabilitation shall be conducted in accordance to the law, based on the project approved by the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Reservation of Georgia.

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