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Competition results appealed at the court


Irma Gomareli
Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

The results of the competition for the selection of nurses and teachers in Kvishkheti village kindergarten, Khashuri municipality, were appealed at the court. Those participants appealed the court, who were not hired in the kindergarten as a result of the competition. They said the commission unfairly selected the employees – based on political views and nepotism.
Competition participant Irma Gomareli, who is a disabled person and has worked in the kindergarten for six years, said that the commission rejected her candidature because she is a disabled person. Gomareli believes she is victim of discrimination and appealed the decision at the Khashuri district court. 

“One of the commission members told me that they paid attention to the social conditions of the candidates’ families and in some cases the health conditions of the applicants. I did not expect the commission member to give me similar answer,” Irma Gomareli said.

The advocate of Irma Gomareli Archil Kaikatsishvili expects the court to respond to the unfair activities of the commission. 

“The employees in the kindergartens were selected based on political views and nepotism. As for Irma Gomareli, she is a disabled person and it became reason of rejecting her candidature.

We solicited the court to interrogate the commission members as witnesses in the court; the judge satisfied our claim. They should come and answer our questions about the election process of the kindergarten employees,” Archil Kaikatsishvili said.

Head of the union of kindergartens in Khashuri municipality administration Davit Nozadze chaired the commission, which selected the employees for the kindergartens in the municipality. He also attended the trial and said that the accusations are groundless and will make comments only after the court judgment. 

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