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Telavi municipality assembly banned “placement of booths near the metro station” in Ikalto



On August 18, 2017 the Telavi municipality assembly approved the Ikalto layout plan, which states that it will be prohibited to place booths and temporary constructions within 5 meters distance from the metro-stations. 

The assembly passed the edict # 24 at the special session on August 18, 2017, and 20 out of 32 assembly members attended it. The video-recording of the session was published on the official website of the municipality and in social network. 

The edict went in force on August 24, 2017, when it was published on the Legislation Heraldic and there were no amendments done in it since then.
The same edict reads that some regulations with regard to plot layout does not apply to the airports, sea ports, railway and robe-way stations, hydro, thermo and nuclear electricity stations. 

The abovementioned provision was supposedly automatically copied from the layout plan of Tbilisi, which was approved by the Tbilisi City Assembly on May 24, 2016. 

Similar fact happened in Kakheti region on December 5, 2016, when the Akhmeta municipality assembly adopted the edict # 22, based on which the rule of naming the geographic areas in the territory of the municipality was approved, including the rules about naming the metro-station and transfer knots in Akhmeta municipality. 

With the same normative act the Akhmeta municipality assembly regulated some issues related with naming the units located in Tbilisi and Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia. 

Lawyer of the Center for Civil Activities Gela Shashiashvili said the edict of the assembly does not have any normative function and purpose because it is mechanic copy of the Edict # 239 of the Government of Georgia passed on June 1, 2015 and its text was copy-pasted in a new document. 

The assembly members were asked whether they read the documents before approving it and the chairperson of the Akhmeta Municipality Assembly Gela Jugashvili said: “What metro station? We may have some mistake. We usually read the documents before approving it, of course.”

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