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Doubts over the Authenticity of the Tyumen University Diploma


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On May 25, Irma Papidze held press-conference in the Gori Center for Civic Engagement and brought new accusations against Gori municipality mayor. Papidze doubts that the mayor appointed his representative in Verkhvebi-Kvernaki settlement based on fake diploma. Papidze said there are some circumstances which confirm her allegation. First of all, the diploma was not verified by the Commission on the Verification of Educational Documents in the Ministry of Education. According to the current regulations, the diplomas issued by the Russian universities shall be acknowledged by the commission. 

“We doubt that the diploma is not valid and some circumstances confirm it. First of all, stylistic-technical mistakes in the diploma. It is impossible to read the state emblem on it. I independently started investigation: sent the registration number and dates of issuance of the diploma to the Tyumen University and they answered that their university has not issued the diploma with this registration number. However, I could not continue further survey as it contained personal information. In similar case, the Gori municipality mayor may send official letter to the Tyumen University and get full answer, or address respective bodies, which will conclude whether the diploma of the mayor’s representative is valid or not,” Irma Papidze said at the press-conference. 

Representatives of the Gori municipality city hall state the diploma is valid but if somebody doubts over it, they can address respective bodies. As for the mayor’s representative Inga Imerlishvili, she said the public service bureau acknowledged the authenticity of her diploma but Papidze said the bureau is not studying the authenticity of the diplomas. Inga Imerlishvili has already sent documents to the Commission on the Verification of Educational Documents in the Ministry of Education. 

“I do not want to make comments on this issue. It is absurd. I already have addressed the verification commission and wait for their decision,” Inga Imerlishvili said. 

There were more applicants for the position of the mayor’s representative in Verkhvebi-Kvernaki settlement and the son of Irma Papidze – Nika Mikaberidze was one of them. Irma Papidze states, her son was not selected for the position because of political persecution from municipality mayor Konstantine Tavzarashvili.

During 2017 municipal elections, Irma Papidze left the Gori organization of the Georgian Dream and joined the Movement for Construction; her son stayed in the Georgian Dream. However, Papidze claims the Gori municipality mayor persecutes her son because of the mother’s political decision. 

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