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Adam Gumashvili from Pankisi Gorge was killed in Syria



Adam (Guram) Gumashvili, 44, from Jokolo village in Pankisi Gorge was killed in Syria. The wife of the deceased informed the family and relatives in Pankisi about it in the morning of November 30, 2018. The family already receives condolences in the village of Jokolo. 

As the relatives told the Pankisi community radio RadioWAY, Adam Gumashvili passed away on November 29. They do not know more details about his death. 

Adam Gumashvili was one of influential members of the terrorist organization ISIS. He had close relationship with the former leader of the Islam State Tarkhan Batirashvili and was the member of his team. 

In November 2017, when the Georgian State Security Service conducted counter-terrorist operation in Tbilisi, media reported that Adam Gumashvili was among the killed terrorists, though the information was not confirmed.

Adam Gumashvili was the son of Suleyman Gumashvili, poet and the former chair of the Council of Elders in Pankisi Gorge. According to the RadioWAY, Adam Gumashvili went to Syria in 2013 and later he took his son, 18-years old Sultan Gumashvili with him. Sultan was studying in the Jokolo public school. He died in Syria in August 2016. Two wives and 6 children of Adam Gumashvili live in the Pankisi Gorge; he has two more wives in Syria.

According to the Pankisi Community Radio, by now, 31 residents of the Pankisi Gorge have been killed in Syria.

  • Adam Gumashvili, 44 (November, 2018)
  • Tamaz Batirashvili, 38 (July, 2018)
  • Agaza Borchashvili, 34 (2017/18)
  • Kakha Tokhosashvili, 36, (2017/18)
  • Khamza Tokhosashvili, 8 (2017/18)
  • Muslim Kushtanashvili, 18 (September 2017)
  • Giorgi Margoshvili (Feizula Kusthanashvili), 40 (December, 2017)
  • Mukhmad Bagakashvili, 25 (May, 2017)
  • Ramzan Bagakashvili, 20 (December, 2016)
  • Mukhmad Khangoshvili, 24 (November, 2016)
  • Sultan Gumashvili, 21 (August, 2016)
  • Tarkhan Batirashvili, 30 (July, 2016)
  • Ruslan Kavtarov, 34 (July, 2016)
  • Begkhan Tokhosashvili, 26 (July, 2016)
  • Omar Margoshvili, 39 (June 2016)
  • Aslanbeg Borchashvili, 22 (June, 2016)
  • Vakha Bugyev, 39 (April, 2016)
  • Ramzan Fareulidze, 24 (January, 2016)
  • Mukhmad Turkoshvili, 22 (January, 2016)
  • Turpal Borchashvili, 23 (June, 2015)
  • Ibrahim Tsatiashvili, 33 (May, 2015)
  • Davit Sviakauri, 24 (February, 2015)
  • Irapil Tsatiashvili, 18 (December, 2014)
  • Jabrail Tsatiashvili, 21 (December, 2014)
  • Guram Gumashvili, 22 (October, 2014)
  • Beso Kushtanashvili, 18 (September, 2014)
  • Ruslan Machalikashvili, 36 (February, 2014)
  • Khalid Atchishvili, 24 (October, 2013)
  • Hamzat Atchishvili, 26 (July, 2013)
  • Abdul-Malik Mutoshvili, 40 (July, 2013)
  • Rustam Gelaev, 23 (August, 2012)

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