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Judge Davit Narimanishvili denies accusations about the corruption


Chairperson of the Gurjaani District Court Davit Narimanishvili denies the information disseminated by media, according to which he paid off the loan in the bank early and it is connected with the imprisonment of Davit Kirkitadze, a leader of the United National Movement. 

“In February 2017, Davit Narimanishvili early paid off his loan in the Bank Republic with the loan he took in the Bank of Georgia and with the money he received after selling the flat. However, as the Bank Republic and TBC Bank were unified, the Judge did not receive information about the paid off loan timely; consequently, the mortgage on the land in Marjory Wardrop Street in Tbilisi was not annulled on time. Davit Narimanishvili received notification about the removed mortgage in the beginning of December, 2018; the application on the annulment of the mortgage agreement was registered at 16:09 pm on December 17, 2018 in the Public Registry. It is absurd to connect Davit Kirkitadze’s detention with the cancelled mortgage because Davit Narimanishvili paid off the loan in February 2017,” the statement of the Gurjaani District Court reads. 

Judge Davit Narimanishvili is in charge of Davit Kirkitadze’s case. The latter is accused of the physical assault on police officer during the incident in Velistsikhe village, Gurjaani municipality on the Inauguration Day of the President Salome Zurabishvili. Police blocked the road to Gurjaani on several spots to hinder the movement of the activists of the UNM. In Velistsikhe village the road was blocked by a bus. According to the video about the incident, Davit Kirkitadze got into the bus through the window and physically assaults the police officer, who is sitting on the driver’s chair. On December 20, Judge Narimanishvili imposed pre-trial imprisonment on Kirkitadze as compulsory measure. On February 12, 2019, the judge rejected the solicitation of Kirkitadze’s lawyer on his release on bail.

Afterwards, online media presa.ge reported that on the same day when the judge made decision about UNM leader’s imprisonment, 200 000 GEL worth sequester was removed from his property. 

According to the judge, he has been working since 2003 and owns property; he always had high salary and could legally construct two-storied house at Wardrop street in Tbilisi. 

Davit Narimanishvili comes from Akhaltsikhe. According to Reginfo’s information, he had close cooperation with the former minister of interior Vano Merabishvili. In 2002-2003 Narimanishvili was member of Vale and Akhaltsikhe municipal administration and worked as a lawyer there; in 2003, he was chairperson of the Akhaltsikhe District Election Commission N 37; in 2004-2007 he was Samtkhe-Javakheti regional prosecutor; since 2007, he was deputy head of the department in the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia; later he became head of the department. From November 2010 to August 2011 he was student at the High School of Justice; since November 2011 he was judge at the Gurjaani district court; since October 2012 he has been chairman of the Gurjaani district court. In 2008, he received award of honor.   

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