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Body of the 23-years-old sailor diseased in Libya will be brought to Georgia by the end of February


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli   

23 years old Georgian sailor Davit Razmadze passed away in Libya. The process of bringing his body to Georgia has started. Libyan prosecutor’s office finalized all investigative activities and confirmed the Georgian side to take the body with relevant act. Davit Razmadze disappeared in Libya during sailing. On January 21, he was found dead. 

Davit Razmadze’s family lives in Gori. His grandmother Medea Tsetskhladze said, according to the expertise conclusion, which is written in Arabian language, Razmadze was killed on the ship. The investigation has already identified alleged murderer but the reason of the murder is not mentioned in the letter received from the Libyan prosecutor’s office.

“The expertise conclusion was written in Arabian language and it confirms that he was murdered. The investigation has identified the murder but we have no information who he is,” said the grandmother Medea Tsetskhladze. 

The family of Davit Razmadze plans to conduct expertise of his body in Georgia too. 

Shida Kartli regional governor said, the body of the young sailor from Gori will supposedly be brought to Georgia by the end of week

“As soon as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia received the information, they started intensive cooperation with the embassies. I have permanent communication with the state institutions over this issue. According to the current information, the body will be in Georgia by the end of this week. Libyan prosecutor’s office issued permission to assign the body several days ago; however, it was necessary to issue relevant act on the decision, which was already done,” said Giorgi Khojevanishvili, regional governor.

It was the fourth time that Davit Razmadze sailed with the ship based on the contract. This time, the trip lasted two months. The family members said the ship was sailing to Odessa via Istanbul but they do not know how the ship turned up in Libya. 

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