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Akhaldaba village population blocked the motorway


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

On June 27, the inhabitants of the Akhaldaba village in Gori municipality blocked the Akhaldaba-Nikozi motorway after they lost hope the government will resolve their problems in the village. 

The locals complained about the drinking water and the problem of torrents in the streets after each heavy rain, which flood their houses and yards. 

“We many times petitioned the government to resolve these problems; they use to come here during pre-election period, promise us to do everything but after the elections nobody remembers us. Today, we were compelled to block the road to attract the attention of the government. We live in unbearable conditions in the village. We receive drinking water only twice a week and the water has green color. During each rain the torrent flows into the village roads, which has neither asphalt nor drainage channels; consequently the water floods our yards and houses,” one of the protesters said. 

The first deputy of the Gori municipality mayor Erasti Elijarashvili arrived in the village and met the protesters; he promised the locals to resolve their problems in near future. 

“We have already prepared the project about the drinking water; next week the city hall will announce competition on it. As for the other problems, respective service units of the city hall will resolve them step by step,” the deputy mayor said.

The locals stopped protest hoping the government will keep their promise and resolve problems. Otherwise, the villagers said they will continue protests in front of the building of the municipal city hall in Gori. 

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