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Georgia Extradites Three Inmates to Russia


Georgia has extradited three inmates, including one Azerbaijani and two Russian citizens, to the Russian Federation. The Georgian Justice Ministry told Civil.ge that the extradition took place on April 21.
The Ministry of Justice noted that Russian citizen Maxim Fateev has been charged by Russia with purchasing and keeping large amount of narcotic drugs. It said that the Russian Federation demanded Fateev’s extradition in August 2019, adding that the latter had an opportunity to use all legal means envisaged by Georgian legislation and international law. On March 10, 2020, the Tbilisi City Court found Fateev’s extradition to Russia admissible and rejected his request for granting him a refugee status. The Justice Ministry said that Fateev’s extradition was carried through the observance of Georgian legislation and international law.
Another extradited inmate is Russian citizen, Kurban Omarov, who, according to the Georgian Justice Ministry, is accused of assisting in inflicting injuries of medium gravity committed by an organized group. The Russian Federation demanded his extradition on September 2, 2019. The Georgian Justice Ministry said that on December 25, 2019, Tbilisi City Court found Omarov’s extradition admissible. The latter’s defense lawyer challenged the court ruling in the Supreme Court, but the latter upheld the ruling of the previous instance. The court also rejected Omarov’s request for granting a refugee status.
The third inmate extradited to the Russian Federation is Azerbaijani citizen Teimur Garibov. Russia demanded his extradition on September 2, 2019. According to the Georgian Justice Ministry, the Tbilisi City Court adopted a ruling on Garibov’s extradition. Later, his defense lawyer challenged the ruling in the Supreme Court, but the latter upheld the ruling of the previous instance that led to Garibov’s extradition.

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