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Victim of Law Enforcers’ Revenge

Victim of Law Enforcers’ Revenge

On 12 May 2005 the Special Task Department of the Interior Ministry along with the Special Forces arrested 43 year-old G. J. at his home for alleged possession of drugs. Janiashvili was brutally beaten by 20-30 members of Special Forces of the Interior Ministry during his detention. The lawyer of the accused stated that the drugs found at G. J.’s flat had been planted by law enforcers.

According to the information provided by Zurab Rostiashvili, the lawyer of the accused, the 12 May detention of Mr. J. was conducted with extreme cruelty who sustained severe head injuries from being struck by a gun. The investigator of the Special Task Department of the Interior Ministry stated that force was indeed used against J. but justified their activities by saying that the accused resisted and opposed them during his detention.

J.i’s lawyer and witnesses of his detention have made contradictory statements saying that the use of force was unjustifiable because there was no opposition. Following a search of the accused person’s flat, no evidence of weapons was found which ruled out any accusations of armed resistance.

G. J. was first arrested by security staff a year ago whilst crossing the border of Vale. He was charged by law enforcers for buying, keeping and illegally transporting drugs. According to his lawyer, he was forced to confess to the fact of keeping drugs with law enforces inscribing false witnesses in the search protocol.

According to J.’s lawyer, Keso Tsartsidze, the District Court of Aspindza justified and released him on 3 May on the basis of the second part of Article 260 which refers to the absence of the evidence and the witnesses.

Ten days later, at 1:30 pm on 12 May, 20-30 masked Special Forces troops entered J.’s flat and arrested him with a number of procedural norms violated during his arrest.

This time the Court ruled J. to a three-month preliminary detention however his lawyer intends to file a claim against this decision.

J.’s wife stated that her husband is the victim of the personal interests of law enforcers. She explained the persecution of her husband in this way: “My husband’s friend started a business and later was informed by the security services who warned him that somebody planned to kidnap him.  Following this call, my husband accompanied his friend all the time. Finally, it appeared that some employees of the security services themselves intended this kidnapping. My husband prevented them from putting their plan into practice and it was after these events that provocations began. Moreover, they required 3000USD from him as a price of the failed operation.” 

The case is currently investigated by the Special Task Department of the Interior Ministry.

Eka Datunashvili


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