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Vake Inhabitants Demand Sewers be Cleaned

mshenebliba1_1.gif It is almost two months now that inhabitants of Paliashvili street demand in vain sewers be cleaned. ‘Tbilisi Water’ accuses Construction Company, while Construction Company thinks that ‘Tbilisi Water’ is responsible of solving this problem.

History of the problem is connected with construction company ‘Centre Point’. It is only few months that people inhabited in newly built house. The problems started soon after they moved to new flats. Water from sewer pipes are coming out on Paliashvili street and make living there almost impossible. Inhabitants contacted different organizations, however could not find one, who is responsible of solving problem.

“It is only few months that we had moved to a new built house on 88 Paliashvili street. Sewer pipes are not working properly and everything comes up in the street. We can not even open windows, because of smell, living there is impossible. We contacted ‘Tbilisi Water’ for help. Workers brigade immediately came to the scene and fixed pipes; however they said that problem was temporarily solved. They told that fixing those pipelines are the responsibility of Construction Company,” declare Paliashvili inhabitants.

According to inhabitants, the problem was caused because of mistake, made during building process. Workers have connected sewer pipes to the abolished well. That is why water comes off the well and flows on the street.

We have contacted both sides, who might be responsible on this problem. None of them think they are the one to blame and nobody tries to solve problem. “Centre Point” says that they have built house with permission, issues by ‘Tbilisi Water’. ‘Tbilisi Water’ thinks that mistake have been made by the workers.

“We acted according to permission. If this problem was caused because of persmission, issued by ‘Tbilisi Water’, they are the one, responsible to clean the pipes. We do not try to avoid responsibility, but we are 99% sure, that it was not our fault. This is problem of pipes, and Construction Company is not connected with it. Cleaning communications is ‘Tbilisi Water’s’ duty. If pipes were mistakenly connected with the well, it is their blame, not our,” – think Tika Rukhadze, ‘Centre Point’.

‘Tbilisi Water’ also denies it’s responsibility. According to them, they are serving the central magisterial pipes and not the ones, which are connected to it. “We have studied this case and prepared conclusion. The workers have connected pipes to old network, instead of new,” this is the position of ‘Tbilisi Water’.

None of two sides plans to solve this problem. Inhabitants have no idea how long they should live in this conditions. According to them, number of vermin are increasing . They demand meeting with Construction Company, however it is impossible to contact them.

Eka Gulua

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