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Demonstration against Violence Was Dispersed by Patrol Police

akcia1.gifGeorgian artists and representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations gathered in front of the President's Chancellery to express their protest against violation once more. They held peaceful demonstration under slogan 'No-To Violence' to awake the Government and protect Human Rights; however the demonstration was dispersed by patrol police.

'Egalitarian Institute' and coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations 'Civil Society For Democratic Georgia' held peaceful protest festival on October, 20. Georgian artists took part in it. The poets were reading their own anti-war poetry, the singers sang songs and people were supporting them making different statements loudly.

The demonstration started at 17:00 pm. though it did not end without any scuffle. Although, the Tbilisi City Municipality had permitted the demonstration organizers to hold the meeting, law enforcers did not let them finish the demonstration.

At approximately 19:00 pm. both uniformed policemen and representatives of the Special Service Department [without uniforms] appeared at the place. They demanded from the demonstration organizers to turn off micro-phones and cease the demonstration. The reason for their demand was local residents' request-they stated. Demonstration participants did not give up reading rhymes and singing. After that the policemen jumped up on the stage and seized microphones from the participants. It did not finish without quarrel.

Since the participants did not leave the place having been seized microphones, the policemen turned to technical vehicle with some equipments and cut the electric cables.  It caused participants protest, though nobody was detained. People who took part in the meeting waved different banners among them was 'I am Abkhazian, I am Ossetian…'

Despite all aforementioned incidents, participants managed to express their ideas completely. They sang famous singers’ songs and read rhymes of famous poets like: Bob Marli' song 'Tell the Children the Truth'; John Lenon's 'Give Peace a Chance'. The rhymes were read by Mr. Levan Ramishvili, Mr. Shota Iatashvili, Mr. Zurab Rtveliashvili, and Mr. Lasha Bughadze etc.

Different statements followed the demonstration after it was dispersed.
According to 'Egalitarian Institute's representative, Mr. Lasha Chkhartishvili they managed to disperse them through turning of equipment. "The president seems does not like poets and singers to speak about peace and make loud statements. He opposes the peaceful demonstration with violence. We have already said what we wanted and those who were to get information have already received it. Similar peaceful demonstrations are going to be held frequently, since violence is an aim only for present government."

Mr. Ucha Nanuashvili, Head of the 'Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre' considers that the demonstration had its outcome and it was quite reasonable to hold it: "The aim has been gained since the demonstration attracted the public attention; it was broadcast by many News Sources. Our principal goal was to interest the public."  

It became clear that certain group tried to disperse the demonstration through different methods, as several singers initially had agreed to take part in the demonstration, but finally they did not appear there.

Eka Gulua

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