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The Chakaberias Is About to Appeal the Strasburg Court

strasburg.jpgOn December 5, this year, in the village of Ganmukhuri in Zugdidi district, representatives of the Fast Reaction Military Unit within the Georgian Interior Ministry, arrested Fridon Chakaberia, the head of the Administration of the village of Kvemo Barghebi in Gali district.

According to the Interior Ministry's information, Chakaberia was transporting one kilo heroin and large amount of Alumina, stolen from the cemeteries in the neighborhood villages.

Three days ago, Chakaberia's relatives and representatives of the villages in the area, hold demonstration on the main bridge on the Enguri River near the Russian Peacekeepers block post # 301 on Georgian side. They demanded from the Georgian government to carry out just investigation on Chakaberia's case, to release Chakaberia immediately and also they demanded the Georgian informational sources to cease publishing disinformation.

Demonstrators expressed their concern because Georgian law enforcers tend to cast suspicious over the honesty of the person and to degrade his dignity.

One of the demonstrators, Ketevan Gamisonia, said that Chakaberia is an honest and faithful man. The villagers elected me for the village councilor and they are ready to share his problems too.

Ineza Gitolendia, a teacher at the school in the village of Barghebi, said that Chakaberia had great attributed to having a Georgian school in the area. "He actively assists us when we need either firewood or school equipments. The school did not have any windows and he solved this problem. This person is an innocent and he is a victim of political machination.  He will not stand imprisonment for a long time, and slandering him of such nonsense."

Sixty-year-old Shota Rostobaia, a former classmate of Chakaberia, said that "We have spent the whole life together. My two children were killed and my wife also died. In my difficult time Chakaberia always supported me. He was the only person who could rescue our boys while they were arrested by Abkhazians. The whole village is insulted with the accuse they have blame Chakaberia. Let them either prove their accusation or release him."

The son of the deatainee, Tengiz Chakaberia is more categorical. "We will appeal the TV Company Rustavi-2 at the Strasburg Court very soon. The TV Company obeyed the law enforcers' order and blamed the person for transporting heroin. We will not forgive anyone to insult our family and to spread disinformation. Everybody knows that he is innocent and it was the premeditated operation. Thus, I will forgive it no one."

The demonstration lasted during one hour. Officials of the Abkhazian Constitutional Security Department were observing the fact in the distance.

Chakaberia has already been sentenced to two-month pretrial detention and the police also threaten those journalists who have dared to tell the truth about the fact.

Nato Berulava, Zugdidi

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