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Kyrgyz Girls Became Trafficked Victims in Gori

tarxana.jpgOn December 7 2006, Special Operation Department of the Georgian Interior Ministry detained Zaza Amiridze, a resident of Gori, and later on, in January 2007 Ana Mazanashvili was detained at the Georgian-Turkish border. They were accused of trafficking. It should be pointed out that Amiridze worked as a bailiff at the Gori District Court.

According to the official information, in October 2006, Zaza Amiridze met Kyrgyz girls-Jamilia Ismanova, Nigora Iusupova and Nigora Egamberdieva at his friend, Mazanashvili’s place. On that day, they all went to the restaurant “Salkhino”. During the party Mazanashvili asked Ismanova to accompany the man, Vakho, who was also sitting at their table [his identity is not identified by the investigation yet]. Ismanova was to serve him sexually. The girl started to cry and resisted the man. Ismanova said in her testimony that Amiridze physically assaulted her because of her resistance. According to the prosecutor’s information, Amiridze forced the girl to obey Mazanashvili’s order. “In order to fulfill their criminal intentions, Amiridze and Mazanashvili abused Jamilia Ismanova every day. They harassed her at the expense of her health and threatened her life. The criminals forced her to serve the men sexually. Amiridze and Mazanashvili shared the money they received from so-called clients.

Ismanova managed to call her friend Ramaz Tsatsiashvili from the phone of one of the clients and asked for help. Tsatsiashvili is a former director of Gori Park and a close relative of Regional Governor Mikheil Kareli.

Tsatsaishvili took the girl to his flat and then sent her to Azerbaijan by the Tbilisi-Baku train. At the border Ismainova had problems about her passport and she was sent back. Finally, as the prosecutor Irakli Kobidze said, Ismanova applied to the Special Operation Department of the Interior Ministry for help.

The case was sent to the Gori District Court from the Tbilisi Appeal Court for thorough discussion. Officials from the Gori District court said that the cases of Amiridze and Mazanashvili will be joined and discussed together. The process will start in a month. Gia Amashukeli, lawyer for Zaza Amiridze, said that the accusations against his client are absurd.

Gia Amashukeli: “In this particular case, there are no materials proving that trafficking took place. The criminal case is launched on the basis of one testimony. The truth will be found out at the trial.”

The Human Right Center got in touch with the people living in Tsabadze Street #5/21 in the neighborhood of the flat where supposedly the trafficking took place. However, these people did not say their names.

B.G. (a resident of the Tsabadze Street #5/21): “I live on the second floor in a two-room flat. The flat you are inquiring about is one-room flat. In the past, a couple lived there. When I knocked on the door to meet the new neighbors, they told me that the flat belonged to another person and they had rented it. Since that time the flat was rented out six or five times. During the last two months, two young girls of about twenty-five years met me. I though they were Chinese and worked in the Chinese shop in Gori. I did not know they were Kyrgyz. My bedroom and their flat have one wall and to tell the truth I have never heard any shout from there.”

Nowadays, the criminal case on trafficking has started. They suppose that the trial will have a great resonance. It is not excluded that the judge might declare the process closed on the basis of law enforcers’ demand.

Saba Tsitsikashvili, Gori


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