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We Will Have Experienced Directors Late This Year

ganatlebab.gifAt the end of the school year the Georgian schools will have new, tested and selected directors. Nearly 7 000 contestants took part in the tests; however finally their number reduced.  Only 2 300 directors should be elected throughout Georgia. Those who received highest points will choose schools according to their own wishes. As for others with lower points, they will be introduced to various schools by the Ministry of Education and Science.

How exams are going on, what are the results and why cannot candidates write in Georgia? These are questions the Human Rights Center asked Mariam Gabashvili, the chief of the Administration within the Ministry of Education and Science.
Journalist: How many candidates were expelled from the competition out of total 7 000 and how are examinations going on?

Mariam Gabashvili: The competition was announced in November last year. The contestants had nearly one month to get ready for tests. Nearly 7 000 participants were registered during a month and everybody, who satisfied required qualifications (three-year working experience, age from 21 to 65, fluent knowledge of Georgian language), passed the second phase of the competition or testing. Nearly 6 000 contestants attended the testing exam and 70% of it succeeded. The test covered several subjects. It was functional writing and examined the skills in writing Georgian essay. More precisely it showed whether the contestant could properly express his/her opinion. Besides that it maintained general skills, legal and professional skills tests. All participants who passed the testing are officially allowed to the third phase, an interview.

-How many vacancies for the position of director are there in the whole Georgia?

M.G. There are nearly 2 300 schools in Georgia and all of them needs director.

-What kind of estimations can you make on general intellectual level of candidates on the basis of current results?

M. G. Unfortunately, our expectations failed. Mostly, we were disappointed regarding the functional writing. The examination showed that acting directors of Georgian schools, what mostly surprised us; do not have skills to express their ideas in writing properly. We are not speaking about directors of non-Georgian schools. They are Georgian citizens, ethnic Georgians who cannot write.

-The examples of their works were posted on the Literature website and I can remember one of the phrases such as: “After water flood our school does not have floors, ceiling, walls, roof, basement and reels, what shall I do?                  
M. G. These are phrases that mostly attracted correctors’ attention while they were checking the works.  This is horrible situation and they cannot be written by adult person and mostly a person who is the head of some institution.

-Were any of those candidates acting directors?

M. G.  Yes, they were, but we cannot say their names but mostly acting directors took part in this competition. It is not novelty for us that the writing-culture is low in Georgia. It is caused by methods and programs that existed in the country. We are bringing up new generations but nobody develops the culture of writing.

-Can you name any particular region with most positive or most negative results?

M.G. For example, we had quite a high level in Kvareli and the percentage of failed contestants was too low. I can give neither positive nor negative estimations to other regions.

- Could Gali District population take part in the competition and if yes where did they take tests?

M. G. Participants from Gali district had no problems. The competition center was located in Zugdidi and participants could take exams there.

-Ass for the procedure of appointing selected directors, how and when will it happen?

M. G. The first phase of interviews will have been finished by May 25. It will take one week to arrange some organization questions. Afterwards the contestants will be distributed to various public schools and will have possibility to carry out the election campaign within the three-week time. Everything will be finished by the end of this academic year.

-Thus the selected contestants will not be directly appointed to their positions?

M. G. No they will not be. There are two approaches to the question. Those who will receive highest points and will be listed among the best 20% of participants will choose schools themselves. In this case, they will name five desirable schools and the Ministry will introduce them to those schools to carry out elections. Afterwards, the Guardian Councils of the schools will elect the directors. The councils are set up of teachers, parents and a pupil from the self-government. Those candidates, who will receive lower points, will be distributed to various schools by the Ministry. Their names will be placed in the lotto-wheel and they will be publicly distributed to various schools. Elected directors will be trained in the field of education and start their activities in September. 

Eka Gulua

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