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How people are informed about their rights in Zugdidi…


Human Rights Informational and Documentation Center Zugdidi office has conducted street polls. The topic of polls was the awareness of local people about human rights. The aim of the survey was to determine how informed are local residents about their rights, how do they think weather their rights are violated or not, and to which organization they apply in a case when their rights are roughly violated.

The vast majority of interviewed people admitted that they do not have enough information about human rights and they even do not exclude the fact of violating their rights. They say that their rights could be violated, but they couldn’t pay much attention to it in order not to own de4tailed information about their rights. Lali Tsaava is temporarily unemployed, she says that she cannot recall particular examples of her right violations and as a reason names lack of knowledge of the field: “I cannot say that I am well informed about my rights, that’s why I cannot name any example of its violation. I had some relationships with some non-governmental organizations that promised to help my daughter who has diabetes, but that did not keep their word. I was told that I had right to request the assistance, but really no one helped me. May be in this context my rights were violated” says Tsanava and adds that if her rights are violated she will apply too court by no means. 
Like Tsanava, many interviews named the court as the place where they would apply in order to having problems, but none of them have ever addressed either the court or any organization working in this field.

Nargiza Phatsuria is a teacher; she says that she is aware of her rights and responsibilities: “Generally I know my rights and duties, but I don’t have detailed information or deep knowledge about my rights. I do not remember any practical example when my rights were violated, may be they were violated, but I could not realize it, as I did not own enough information” cited Fatsuria.

Khatuna Janashia is a lawyer, but she cannot recall any examples when clients addressed her in order to protect them from human right violations: “It is more than 2 years I work as a lawyer, but I do not remember anybody asking me for help in this regards,” says Janashia. 

Zaza Qvacabaia, the coordinator and lawyer of HRIDC Zugdidi office says that public opinion polls have revealed unawareness of residents and adds that residents cannot defend themselves as they don’t have information about their rights: “Our organization has conducted street polls in order to examine how people are informed about their rights and weather their rights are protected or not. As a result of survey including people from different levels of society showed that they are completely uninformed that hinders them from protecting their rights. After discussing these issues we think it is necessary to conduct special informational trainings and inform people about their rights” cited Qvacabaia.

Nana Sajaia, Zugdidi

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