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Amortized Dam and Flooded Queen Tamar’s Sea-Front

In Kobuleti, nearly one hundred families residing close to Queen Tamar’s Sea-front demand to carry out seaside protection works. The dam is damaged in several places. During heavy rains the sea floods residential houses nearby. Local government orders owners of hotels and restaurants to repair the dams.

“The problem is very urgent; however, local government does not share our idea. The point is that we did not elect proper people for the government and now they do not pay attention to us,” said residents of the area.

The dam was built nearly five years ago but it has already been damaged in several places. “They seem to have built badly and the sea pulled down the dam. The sea floods our yards during the rain. Nobody has repaired the dam since it was destroyed,” said local resident, Nunu Gigashvili.

Population stated that the sea has damaged the road too. They petitioned to the district administration several times, but in vain. “We have sent petitions as well as personally applied to officials but nobody met us or showed any interest in our problem. The government ordered the owners of neighboring hotels and restaurants to repair the dam; but it is government’s responsibilities not entrepreneurs.”

Owners of the hotels and restaurants do not want to comment on the situation. Natela Chanturishvili recalled that shore protection works became necessary because of government’s mistake. “There used to be a field in early years. However, they started to get inertive materials in the area and the sea started to grab the shore. Governmental officials created problems themselves. Afterwards, I saw them bring sand on the shore several times, but it was already late. Now, the sea has grabbed the shore and during the storm it floods the area.”

Kobuleti Municipality Chairman Tengiz Zoidze stated that several activities are planned regarding the problem. However, his comments are general because the self-government does not have complete information regarding the problem. “Representatives of the Georgian Environmental Ministry and Adjara department of the ministry visited the territory. They discussed the possibility to take silt from Kvintrishi or Chakvistskali River and put it in the sea. We have not received maps of the areas in order to get silt for the shore. It is noteworthy that all activities are funded from the state budget.”

Bakur Bolkvadze, lawyer for the Human Rights Center’s Adjara office, defined that the problem is too urgent. “The situation regarding the problem is too serious at Adjara seaside. The sea has grabbed territories not only in Kobuleti but in the village of Adlia. However, the government does not carry out repair-works at all. 

Maka Malakmadze, Batumi


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