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“Reconciliation Will Start After Clemency”

On September 21, Word Demonstration started in Gurjaani and finished in Zugidi on September 27. The aim of the demonstration was to collect messages to Abkhaz people throughout Georgia. The question “What Would You Tell Abkhaz People Fifteen Years later?” was asked by Human Rights Center (HRIDC) in five regions of Georgia. The demonstration showed that Georgian people have much to tell their Abkhaz brothers and all their messages are almost similar.

“I love you Abkhazia, I have not lost hope to return to you,”

“We are “doomed” to live together”;

“We will be able to live together”;

“Some day we will return to Abkhazia”;

“We are coming”;

“Let’s forgive each other and repent our sins”,

“Let’s forgive each other to survive”;

“God will bless you”…

Word Demonstration was organized by the Human Rights Center and it started in Gurjaani on September 21, on the International Day for Peace. Street that was called as “a road to Abkhazia” was blocked for two hours in Gurjaani. Nearly one thousand young people were painting and writing their messages on the road. Organizers selected best messages among them and their authors received presents. The demonstration ended with free concert in Culture Center.

People from Abkhazia responded on the demonstration in Gurjaani and appreciated the event. Abkhaz people learned about the Word Demonstration on internet.

Next demonstration was arranged on September 24 in Kutaisi. Local people sent messages to Abkhaz People-“it’s time to meet each other at Enguri River”, “Abkhazia belongs to us all”…The Word Demonstration in Kutaisi was accompanied with the songs written about Abkhazia and Kutaisi Civil Radio provided the organizers with those songs. On that day the radio prepared special program “Ochamchire” regarding the event. Representatives of mass media and other NGOs also joined the demonstration; Fund “Sokhumi” was one among them. 

“They say that sea-gulls abandoned Abkhazia when we left it…” wrote Tinatin Beruashvili on September 25 during the Word Demonstration in Gori. She had heard those words from her group-mate from Abkhazia several years ago.

“More time passes, better I realize that Abkhaz people and we need each other. We should forget our painful past; this demonstration is good to remember about Abkhazia. My relatives died during that war, many people have disappeared but anyway we should support each other,” said Zurab Tielidze, Dean of the Gori University.

Rezo Nadiradze, journalist for “Khalkhis Gazeti” (People’s Newspaper) said in pain that because of carelessness and grave mistakes of several high ranking officials the whole generation was punished. “We know about Abkhazia and Abkhaz people only from TV and old people. Despite that, I hope that we will be the first who will hold out hand to Abkhaz young people and return to our dream-land.”

People were given out sweets with Abkhazian words such as “sea»,” “ let’s reconcile”, “mother”…

Last demonstration was arranged in Zugdidi close to Abkhazian territory, on September 27, the day when Abkhazian War ended. There are two schools in Zugdidi district that are subordinated to Abkhazian Ministry of Education and IDP children study there. Pupils of these schools sent messages to Abkhaz children. The demonstration took place in the Palace of Dadianis and people wrote their messages on the board there. The idea of all messages is general and they demonstrate that Georgian people miss Abkhazian people and want to reconcile.

“I want to see you, I miss you!”

“It is not so far till Sokhumi!”

Thea Tofuria, Tbilisi 


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