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Georgia on the 56th Position among Failed States

Georgia Competes with Belarus for “Deteriorating Situation”

Eka Kevanishvili, Tbilisi 

“Foreign Policy” and “Fund for Peace”, two well-know American institutes published an eye-opening annual list of failed and disturbed states. Georgia is on the 56th position in this list. The report clearly shows that things are not improving to the better and the country has been reduced in its position on list, and down from last year. Belarus is a bit worst and falls in the 53rd position – and the higher the score the worst the situation that a country faces.

The FSI (Failed States Index) 2008 is based on the risks existing in every state and the information taken from numerous media and NGO reports and publications publicized via various sources including the Internet. The FSI has been published since 2005 and this is the fourth list. The researchers used 30, 000 sources they have reviewed from May to December 2007.

They highlighted 12 main indicators including social, economic and political ones. In particular, they evaluated the countries based on existence of mounting demographic pressures, massive movement of refugees or internally displaced persons creating complex humanitarian emergencies; they highlighted the problem of chronic and sustained human flight, uneven economic development along group lines, sharp economic suspension and arbitrary application of the rule of law and widespread violation of human rights…

Our neighboring country Belarus whose dictatorial regime had often been discussed by the Georigan government 4 years ago when it [the new Georgian government] came into power is rather close to Georgia in the list. It is on the 53rd place. Our neighbor and friend country Ukraine is on the 108th place.

The top ten most dangerous countries are Somali, Sudan, Iraq, Pakistan and other third world countries. Only Uzbekistan was placed in the “red zone” from post soviet countries.

Rumania, the countries of Baltic Sea, Poland, Greece, the Czech Republic, Great Britain and the United States of America were placed among stable countries (128-162 positions) and the places from 163 to 177 were redistributed among the most stable countries such as Japan, Belgium, Holand, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, and Ireland and so on. Human rights are the most protected in these countries. You can see the detailed information on the research on the following sites:  ForeignPolicy.com   and fundforpeace.org

The experts consider that if we take into account the recent events starting from November 7, 2007 events [dispersal of demonstration, rain in TV-Imedi] and continuing with the this years very recent events, the fact of Georgia’s dropped rating will be rather logical, especially when considering the events regarding media restrictions, violation of rights of property owners, human rights, blatant election fraud and forth and so on.

Tina Khidasheli, the member of the Republic Party states that if the international community pays more attention to the real developments in Georgia it would benefit the country.  


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