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Upper Abkhazia IDPs Needs Urgent Medical Treatment

Shorena Kakabadze, Kutaisi

Nikipore Samsiani, an IDP from Upper Abkhazia, has not been able to move around for several days because of a serious illness. He is a middle-aged man, who has found shelter in the building of an old cooperative as result of being forced from his home in the recent war between Georgian and Abkhaz separatists.  He continues to clings to hope that one “fine day” the government of Georgia will finally pay attention to his unfilled medical needs.  A certificate issued by the medical centre at the beginning of September confirms that Samsiani must be immediately receiving medical treatment and requires an urgent operation.

According to the medical certificate issued by Kutaisi Regional Centre that can be used at the Nazarishvili Family Medicine Clinic, “Nikipore Samsiani has been ill for more than three years and he requires an immediate hernia operation.”

IDPs as him are living in the most dire of conditions, as they are not even being provided the most minimal of conditions. In addition, their condition is made even worst as they are very poor.  It is not as if they are asking for anything special, only help in making sure that their most basic of needs are fulfilled. All they need are the essential things to survive. Nikipore is also discontent with his overall living circumstances.

“I am surprised at their patience of IDPs, and I make this statement in light of the difficult situation that faces them. They are not yet totally annoyed. And it appears to be just the opposite, especially when one is willing to help them to a limited degree. IDPs show their appreciation one hundred times over.  In the meantime, however, they must continue to endure the terrible poverty in their lives and this is done with utmost patience. IDPs are receiving some minimal assistance but the centers that have been set up to assist them are not providing them with products directly to their places of residence. Instead the centers require the IDPs to come and pick up the food and other products at their offices. We are only speaking about the bare essential products for life, and none of the IDPs are expecting any luxury items.

Moreover, there are several people among IDPs who are in need of immediate medical assistance. Nikipore Samsiani is one of them. If he is not treated soon his situation may deteriorate and he will have to be rushed to a hospital. A hernia Operation is not a difficult one but some kind of temporary treatment is urgently required,” said Nino Talakvadze, a doctor for the Center of Psycho-social and Medical Rehabilitation for Victims of Torture.

This Torture Victims Center provides medical and legal assistance for many IDPs. Representatives of the center state that most IDPs are in need medical and psychological assistance. However, such types of support are seldom provided to IDPs.

“Many promises are made on TV, which also includes medical assistance. However, nobody has come to us yet. They only distributed some medicines but it is not enough for the need. How can we complain about poor living conditions after all that? We live a hard life but somehow endure it. I would want to have better health and otherwise I would not be complaining whatsoever,” he said.

Officials from the Imereti Regional Department of the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation claim that IDPs were provided with medical assistance several times and such help will continue to be provided in future as well.

Nonetheless, “It is a hard fact that this person has not received medical treatment. The only assistance provided to him came from our organization, and this is when Samsiani was sent to Kutaisi Center for Family Medicine for an evaluation.  Now this person requires an operation and that to be followed by serious post operation care. This man is now suffering the poorest of conditions and making loud statements about his plight will not assist him,” said Ana Chapidze, lawyer for the Center of Psycho-social and Medical Rehabilitation for Victims of Torture.

This organization now intends to petition the Georgian Ministry of Healthcare to allocate an adequate amount of money to cover the cost of the operation on the IDP. A similar petition will be also sent to the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation in the nearest future.

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2012-05-18 18:40
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