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Four-months of Darkness in Unravel Village, Akhaltisikhe District

Gulo Kokhodze, Akhaltsikhe

Four months ago electricity transformer malfunctioned in the village of Uraveli in the Akhaltsikhe district. Consequently 63 families in the village have not been supplied with electricity for the last four months. The villagers unsuccessfully demanded electricity supply and reimbursement for the damage caused by a surge of high voltage.

“How can not they repair this one transformer; they are not lazy to collect money, and if you are late to pay the bill at least one day, they will immediately cut you off. Now, we are waiting for the electricity for four months and people have grown tired of the situation. They wonder who will be responsible to solve our problem,” as Zeinab Kapanadze, resident of the village asked.

250 families live in the village of Uraveli. In 2007 electricity transformers were repaired and old ones were replaced with new ones. The replacement was implemented with the support of Ltd Energo-Pro Georgia. However, now one of the five transformers quickly malfunctioned.

“The damaged transformer was immediately replaced but the same problem happened again in the district a month later,” said Vasil Modebadze, village governor.

People had their TV sets, fridges, and washing machines, audio and video recorders damaged because of high surge of voltage. Four months have passed though the transformer is neither repaired nor has it been replaced.

Vasil Modebadze stated he has applied to the Akhaltsikhe district board and Ltd Energo-Pro Georgia several times about the problem.

“They promise to replace the transformer but do not tell me exactly when they are going to follow-through.  I was told at the energy-company that they are importing new transformers from Bulgaria and as soon as they are delivered the new transformers will be installed in our village,” said Vasil Modebadze.

Service Manager of the Akhaltsikhe office of the Energo-Pro Georgia stated that transformers are in central office in Tbilisi and their branch has already sent a letter requesting them.

“After the central office satisfies our request we will replace damaged transformers,” explained Zura Mamukashvili.

Because of damaged transformer 63 families are not being supplied with electricity. Part of them has currency flow problems and were getting such a high voltage all apparatus would be soon damaged. Yet another part receives only very low voltage and cannot use the electricity for their needs.

“Our TV set was ruined; we cannot switch on the light because of high voltage. We have been living with candle light already now for several months. We need urgent attention and support in order to be able live under normal conditions,” said Ana Jaoshvili, a resident of Uraveli.

High voltage also damaged the family of Modebadze and they had their two TV sets, washing machine and fridge all ruined in just one day.

“It is difficult to buy household appliances and then you have to lose them because of high voltage. We managed to repair only one TV but could not repair washing machine and fridge. Now we are using the electricity of our neighbor,” said Zubita Modebadze.

People from Uraveli count their damage and urge the energy distribution company for help. However, the company officials claim the damaged electricity customers will not be compensated for their losses.
“There will not be any compensation. However, this incident must be investigated. A corresponding protocol should have been drawn up when the incident happened and it should have included the information about the extent of the damage. Though it was not done,” said Zura Mamukashvili, service manager.

Part of the population is interested in repairing the appliances that they had damaged. People without electricity supply are looking forward to the installment of a new transformer each and every day.

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