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Human Rights Centre Holds Seminar for Law enforcers in Samegrelo –Zemo Svaneti

 Davit Managadze
Nana Pazhava, Zugdidi

“Prevention of Torture –Aspects of Implementation of International Law”- this topic was discussed by the Human Rights Center and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture together with the law enforcers in Zugdidi. European Union representatives also attended the seminar on December 25, 2009. The Human Rights Center lawyer familiarized the police officers, the representatives of prosecutor and judicial officers with the importance of various Georgian laws and international instruments that must be realized in those bodies by all means.

Davit Managadze and Giorgi Garsevanishvili, the lawyers of the Human Rights Center say that some progress is observed after 2006.

 Davit Managadze, lawyer: “The law enforcers had a very vague idea of those issues 2 years ago. Now they know the topic at least generally, which give particular examples, facts and can make more or less correct definitions. However, they failed to demonstrate any knowledge of theory. They were more interested to know norms of ethic and which kind of cases could be considered as being torture or just a beating. They did not know the definition of inhuman treatment. When a police officer must not do something that would be considered as inhuman treatment and torture.”

Davit Managadze, lawyer: “The investigation details on a police officer’s using weapon must be clarified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. A police officer might face the necessity of using weapon but he always tries to be cautious in such cases and only as a last resort. This is because any police officer knows that after having used the weapon an investigation will be held and he will have to provide explanations.”

Giorgi Garsevanishvili said that law enforcers do not know international human rights instruments on law enforcement, officers’ code of conduct and the principles of treating detainees completely.

Giorgi Garsevanishvili, lawyer: “The law enforcers did not know that there is a Committee against Torture. The fact is that they have very little information on those international instruments, agreements that must be followed and that equal national legislation. I hope they will apply to this case delicately and will use these documents in practice. We also spoke about the relations between the media and police, rules of conduct and this was actually new for them.”

The seminar participants consider that these kinds of trainings are necessary and useful.

Dito Khvichia, Deputy Regional Prosecutor: “Interesting topics were discussed and the trainers were interesting as well. I think it is necessary for any law enforcer to find out about novelties in this manner.”

Miranda Mumladze, prosecutor from the regional prosecutor: “It would be nice if we have possibility to attend this kind of discussions and trainings again in the future as this will enable us to fill in needed gaps for all of us.”

Maya Ekhvaia, inspector-investigator: “All topics were very interesting. It would be interesting if ordinary citizens attended the seminar. It will be more useful if seminars are conducted on a regular.”

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