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A Kindergarten instead of Disevi

 Venera Laghoshvili
Tea Tedliashvili

Suliko Begheluri, IDP from the  village of Disevi now shelters in Gori Kindergarten # 10 together with his wife. Venera Laghoshvili, the wife of Suliko Begheluri says that the government did not assign a cottage to them because they are only two in the family. They have not received a  compensation of 10 000 GEL from the government yet as well.

“We were told that cottages are not assigned to a family of two people. Apparently, the cottages were allocated based on good connections with the government officers. I know that the families of two and even single people received cottages. There are instances when one family received 3-4 cottages all together. I know why, but I can not tell. Everyone who have good connections take the advantage of the situation,” said Venera Laghoshvili.

The IDPs that live in the Kindergarten # 10 have not received food on the spot since January 26. The IDPs were promised that they would receive food outside the kindergarten. However, this issue has not been solved yet.

“They used to bring food to us in the kindergarten but this will not happen any longer. We were told that we could go to the place where the food is prepared and we could eat there. I went to this place but the place is not ready yet. The tables are being made now,” said Suliko Begheluri.
Suliko Begheluri had two-storied house in Disevi village that was burned. He did not see the process of burning but he managed to sneak into the village and saw his house completely burnt down. The Begheluris have only 5 hen and one cow left from their property.

Suliko Begheluri with tears in his eyes recalls how his house was burnt. “My neighbor told me how Ossetians burned my house. Olia Gagloeva, my Ossetian neighbor tried to stop them. She said that I am a good person. She asked them to spare my house. The militias demanded her to leave the place and shot at my house. They threw something from distance. This thing exploded in the house and a fire started. There were approximately a gang of 20 drunk men in masks that walked in the village and  burned houses. They spoke in Ossetian. After having burned one house they shouted “Leave!” and they moved to another house. All our neighbors were Ossetians. Georgian villagers knew Ossetian language and it was not difficult to distinguish Ossetians and Russians from each other,” said Suliko Begheluri. He is half Ossetian himself. He recalls with sadness the time when Ossetians and Georgians lived friendly together.

Suliko Begheluri informs that only two houses were left unburned in Disevi village. This is because Russian headquarters are dislocated in these houses. They controlled Georgian villages that they have occupied after August.

After having seen their burned house, the Begheluris have not visited Disevi. The only thing the elderly couple wishes is to return to their village. They hope that their orchard still exists and their nut trees are standing there. They also hope they will be able to support themselves.

“I used to harvest 7 sacks of hazel nuts and two sacks of nuts per year. We had very many nut trees. I had construction materials, 5- meter long rust-resisting iron tubes, needle cases, screws, pots, vessels and many household equipment in my house in Disevi.

We had fruit gardens. Every year we received at least100 boxes of apple. We had also quince, raspberries and vine. I used to harvest about 50 boxes of  grapes. I had 140 sq. meters of vine.-yard. I was unable to take harvest this year. We also had 500 sq. meters of land where we grew beans and potatoes. I had about 1 tone of wine, 60 liters of vodka at home,” said Venera Laghoshvili.

The IDP family from Disevi village still lives in the Kindergarten # 10 in Gori. They have not received any compensation up to present time. They have recently applied for the compensation and are waiting for 10 000 GEL. They are hoping to buy a house. Elderly people have to stay at the kindergarten. They will have to go for food on a rather long distance.

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