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People with Burnt Houses Are Not Compensated Yet


Over 300 houses were burnt and destroyed in Gori and Gori district during Russian aggression in August 2008. The government issued 15 000 USD to those families whose houses were seriously damaged and its rehabilitation required over 20 000 GEL. However, not every owner of similar houses was compensated. There are people who did not receive any assistance from the government and they still shelter at their relative’s. These people claim the government has not aided them at all.

Gocha Ivanadze is a resident of the village of Zemo Khviti in Gori district. His house was burnt during the war operations and he moved to his father’s house. “I have been living in the house of my father since my house was burnt. We were assisted only by non-governmental organizations who distributed food. We did not take compensation for the burnt house that was estimated 15 000 USD for each family. I have one hectares of land in the village of Nikozi, Gori district but now Russian army is deployed there and cannot get there now. I can control only another plot which I have in Kvemo Khviti and its space is half hectares. I could get to the second plot only after Ossetians left the village of Variani. However, gun fire is still often heard in the village, and I cannot take my family to the village,” said Gocha Ivanadze.

 Giorgi Esiashvili, a resident of Zemo Khviti, has similar complaints as well. His house was burnt during war operations in August 2008.

Zaal Akhalkatsi is a resident of Dvani, in Kareli district. Although his house is not completely burnt he cannot live there because after Ossetians moved there border towards Georgian territory, his house is now 100 meters away from Ossetian checkpoint; that means his family can be attacked every moment. His wife is sick and they shelter at his friend’s. The government promises him that soon they will manage to live in their house and on that ground government refused Akhalkatsi to build a cottage in his own plot.

“Let them build a small cottage in my own plot; in this case I would not leave my village and would not bother other people either. I shelter 8-member-family with my sick wife,” said Zaal Akhalkatsi.

Natia Omadze, spokesperson of Shida Kartli regional administration, stated that compensations will be distributed in two stages.

“There are people who were compensated on the first stage; but now we will start second stage too; however I do not know when exactly it will start. I definitely know that everybody will be compensated,” said Natia Omadze.

Davit Khmiadashvili, Gori district governor, said that 320 families have already been compensated.

“About 20 families remained without compensations. They will receive their compensations on the second stage. We have already sent letter of request to the Ministry of Regional Management and they will allocate the requested sum soon. However, I do not know exact date,” said Davit Khmiadashvili.

Before governmental institutions are waiting for money-transfer from other institutions, victimized people shelter their relatives and friends. Unfortunately, nobody knows when the second stage will start.

Tea Tedliashvili
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