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TV Imedi Has New Director

Nino Mikiashvili

Frontline for the government is now in TV Company Imedi. Hence, Giorgi Arveladze, former Minister of Economic Development of Georgia will control the TV Company. He replaced Giorgi Isakadze on the position of the head of Georgian Media Holding. The personnel of the “Imedi TV” connect the replacement with the upcoming elections.

We do not know how Arveladze will be introduced to the journalists, but in November of 2006, when Zurab Noghaideli, former Prime-minister of Georgia, introduced Giorgi Arveladze to the personnel of the Ministry of Economic Development, he said: “Now the frontline of the government is in the economic development.”

Pressa.ge interviewed Giorgi Isakadze over the phone. He confirmed that he left Georgian Media Holding and said it was his personal wish. We inquired why but Isakadze did not reply and said good bye to us.

All day long we tried to get in touch with Bidzina Baratashvili, director general of the TV Imedi, but we could not reach him. We failed to find out whether there really was disagreement between Aleko Parulava (head of news-room of the Imedi TV) and Isakadze but the former did not reply to our phone calls either. So, pressa.ge prepared the article based on its own versions and information without any comments.

Giorgi Isakadze occupied the position of the head of Media Holding after Josef Key assigned his 90 % to Arab Company “Rakiin Georgia”. According to the polls the rating of Imedi TV lowered under management of Isakadze. Famous journalists quitted the company because of censorship at the company; some of them created scandals but other preferred to leave the Company in silence. Currently, only Lasha Mikadze, Eka Soselia, Nino Kvirikashvili, Lika Beraia and Nino Mamaladze work for the TV Imedi from old staff.

It is natural that the real reason for Isakadze’s resignation was not lowered rating of the TV Company, censorship and fleeing of famous journalists from the Imedi. According to one of the versions, Isakadze finished his time in this position and now the government will feel more comfortable with Arveladze before elections because the latter was member of their team.

Source: Pressa.ge

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