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Nana Kakabadze Sues Journalist for Slander

Tako Khutsishvili

Nana Kakabadze, chairwoman of the non-governmental organization “Former Political Prisoners” for Human Rights is blamed for having organized a riot in the women’s prison.

The article of journalist Mirian Bokolishvili was published in the newspaper “Prime Time” on July 20. In the article the journalist accused Nana Kakabadze of having organized the riot of women prisoners on April 18. The journalist evidences his accusation by the audio recording of phone conversation that he had obtained from an anonymous person.

The “Prime Time” got hold of the scandalous audio recording of the phone conversation that was made near the Women’s Prison. Nana Kakabadze is talking with a prisoner who supposedly was the organizer of the riot. Only Kakabadze’s voice is heard in the recording because a person standing nearby quite by chance recorded by Dictaphone only her talking. The words of Kakabadze are heard very clearly in the recording: “Push the door and knock on it… I will lie down outside the door and will not let anyone in…” it is written in the article.

Nana Kakabadze said the accusation of the journalist is absurd: “How do you think, if the audio-recording really exists, would not our government already have used it? The investigation of the riot has ended and it was sent to the court. Criminal persecution was initiated against 38 people. If there were some questions regarding me, they definitely should have interrogated me long before.”

Nana Kakabadze demanded that Mirian Bokolishvili give her the audio-recording to listen to; but the journalist refused. Bokolishvili claimed the information was confidential and that she could not give it to Kakabadze. “I do not care about the name of the journalist who made the recording. I just want to listen to the recording that proves my guilt.”

Kakabadze cannot accept the arguments of the journalist. Bokolishvili says he does not have any recording and that the owner allowed him only to listen to it. Kakabadze finds this claim suspicious and said. “If you are writing a letter and blame a person for a crime, why does not the journalist keep the evidence which certainly later will be later requested?”

The chairwoman of the non-governmental organization assessed the article “tabloid” PR that is initiated by the government and aims at discrediting Georgian human rights defenders. “The purpose of the article is quite clear to me. Somebody is eager to prevent me from my activities. I discovered that the newspaper belongs to Gigi Ugulava, Tbilisi Mayor. Mirian Bokolishvili is an ordinary obedient employee who implemented his order,” said Nana Kakabadze.

She still keeps the message of a prisoner which was sent to her during the riot. “Mrs. Nana, there is a riot in prison. 10 women escaped custody when they were not pardoned as 23 were. It is unfair. Everything is broken. We are afraid because a special unit is coming here. Inform Sozar Subari and people about it.” Nana Kakabadze said that this message demonstrates that she did not have information about the riot before it started.

Nana Kakabadze blames the journalist for slander and has already prepared a suit that will be taken to the court in the near future. Unless the journalist provides the proof to Kakabadze, he will have to appear before the court.

Mirian Bokolishvili states he has really listened to the audio recording and if it is necessary he will provide the recording to the court. “If she is going to sue me, it is her right. If it is necessary I will provide the court with the recording but will keep the name of the owner anonymous,” said the journalist.

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