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Goods Were Not Returned And She Was Arrested

Maka Malakmadze, Batumi

Investigator gave the goods of 1 612 GEL of the trader Emine Petridze to another trader. Market administration denies their participation in the case, investigator Mikheil Abashidze does not comment on the fact.

Petridze had leased a booth in the trading center “Bakuri Ltd”. In April of 2009 she had some problems with another trader in the center. “I was leasing booth N 209; another trader Vazha Beridze broke the lock of my booth without my permission. At that moment I had 42 big and small sacks of flour in the booth. I also had 52 sacks of combined food for cows, documents on the good and money 250 GEL in cash.”

Petridze appealed to the police station of Tamari settlement in Batumi. The booth was returned to the booth but without the goods. “When I received the booth back, the goods were in it and the investigator wrote it in the protocol; however he did not return them to me. He said the investigation was going on and the goods could not be returned.”

The goods were returned to the trading center “Bakuri” based on the protocol. “Investigation requested the empty space from us where they could store the goods. We gave them the space. That was all what we did in this case,” said director of the trading center Rostom Mamuchadze.

Adjara office of the Human Rights Center got in touch with the investigator Mikheil Abashidze who did not answer our question why they did not return the goods. “I do not comment on the case. The investigation has finished. If you wish to study the case materials, you should bring the warrant,” he replied.

Emine Petridze appealed to Avto Kiladze, Batumi district prosecutor and requested to allow her to study case materials; though nothing has changed.

When the Human Rights Center was working on this article, Emine Petridze was arrested. According to the bill of particulars she is accused for fabrication.

“She is blamed for extorting 2 000 GEL from another trader as a lease payment. For this charge she was arrested,” said husband of the detainee Suliko Petridze.

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